Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31st 2009

I have decided that the zombie jester birthday cake is achievable--

Tomorrow (April Fool's Day) Z. turns 14. HOLY CRAP.

It kinda snuck up on me, Pete is in charge of paintball this Saturday and we ordered his fencing kit back a couple weeks ago so today's Recon mission was mostly for inspiration,*insert despondent sigh* I wish we had Duff & Ace of Cakes here in Michigan. I stopped in at The Rocket and got some silliness (fake poop, prank vomit)--still wasn't motivated... so I went to Fantasy Attic (now in Depot Town) did find some toe tags and an awesome new jester hat--but what was startling was that Depot Town was HOPPIN! Whoops!

There was no place to park cuz I forgot Hilary Swank was taking over Sidetrack for a movie. Yes my freaky darlings--Ypsiwood is upon us. The parking lot was filled with big tractor trailers including one that had big black star shapes painted on people sized doors--I was going to take a picture with my cell phone-- but, well-- Frankly the creepy bald security guy with his bluetooth headset kinda freaked me out. I came home and googled zombiejester cakes...I am on my own...


Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

I bet there was plenty of bike parking :)

Stephanie said...

I kinda like all the hub-bub but can see that no parking would quickly get old.
And we love that Sidetracks is Aidan's right now (even w/ the wrong spelling (: )

greeneyes said...

Movie Stars in Sidetracks ? It will never be the same !!! " Z " is really starting to look like you !!!