Thursday, February 15, 2007

slight variation

See, how bored I get? I make up my own damn game and can't even stick to it. I may have ADD. No; I can focus--I just don't WANT to! So today we offer for your consideration, an image that is not necessarily FAN art per say, but while still working the same old bone, a movie still. This makes me think about screen caps. I need to learn more about that pirate-y little activity. Ahem the topic at hand.

This image has particular resonance for me as I do enjoy the hunt. There is nothing more attractive to me than an aloof poet boy who wants nothing to do with me. Thus the walking away thing. I want to chase after him and beg him to look over my "homework". I wonder how many people will fit comfortably in that billowing black cloak? two for sure. A confident stride, luxuriant fabric. He is prly on his way to his rooms. Not the lab (er I mean dungeon), no more students. The end of the day, a leather armchair, maybe a quiet glass of red wine before he heads to the great hall for dinner. See if the owl post brought an acceptance letter to a conference. Anything to get him off this bloody campus. Away from the Potter brat who looks sooo much like Lily.

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