Wednesday, April 11, 2007

100 bottles of butterbeer

ONLY 100 more days till HP and The Deathly Hallows!! How long can it take to proof, print, bind, pack, and ship 12 million books??...come on people --hustle!!! Scholastic announced last month that is was gonna go green and use at least 30% recycled paper which is freaking awesome (it should be higher) cuz each book is 784 pages (the adult UK cover has 608 I believe). I'll bet my fellow HP fiend HotttCheryl and her boss Mr. Levine are bustin ass right now. Man, talk about a dream job. I am completely envious of Cheryl's position as Arthur Levine's right hand woman. Who wouldn't want to be involved in this project? wow.

and now for something only marginally off topic: Because of my incredibly generous and brilliant inlaws gift card--I was recently able to get the remainder of the first editions I needed to complete my collection of Adult UK covers. It was a bit of work though as there is now some newish sort of trade agreement that will not allow English language books to be shipped overseas to other English language countries. WHAT?? oh fer ...(this has to be W's fault) Amazon UK tried to explain it but I ended getting the four books from Canada instead. I now have all six adult Uk covers. YAY ME!!

I am only slightly bummed that my editions of books 5 & 6 are actually from Bloomsbury; and thus have ONLY the spiff little archer logo and that 1-4 (the new acquisitions) have the little umbrella from Raincoast as a n additional printer's mark on the spine.

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Linda said...

Hey, is there any difference to the 'adult' ones other than the covers?