Friday, April 20, 2007

deep breath-- with 1 hour to go

Pink balloons (inflated and beribboned) CHECK
cake (choc. w/white fluffy frosting and purple sprinkles) & rocky road ice cream (real ice cream not frogurt okay Mom? It melts funny) CHECK
six cute little baskets of beads, bracelets and spring timey favors--CHECK
six little RSVPS (with sleeping bags) CHECK
pink table cloth, festive flowery plates (pizza size AND cake size) & napkins etc-- mint green plastic ware CHECK
note: (I did *not* buy 60 lavender "beer cups" tho I picked them up and felt very clever for about two minutes until I realized that despite their being on clearance ($1.99 for 60 sturdy cups!) those of us who actually drink beer would probably NOT appreciate pastel cups... so I put them back.
Pizza --CHECK
"Flicka" and "National Velvet" on DVD-- CHECK
eight bottles of IZZI soda -- CHECK
Scotch guard the rug....errr I knew I forgot something!!!

Just kidding--it'll be fun---wish me luck

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