Monday, July 30, 2007

I need a lit fix

I need a break from packing closets full of mittens and snow boots. Winter coats in July are depressing. So here is your guerilla lit lesson for today.

The Spenserian stanza is a fixed verse form invented by Edmund Spenser specifically for his epic poem The Faerie Queene. Which is one of my all time fave pieces of lit. You may already know (because you are so smart!) that each verse contains nine lines: eight lines in iambic pentameter followed by a single 'Alexandrine' line in iambic hexameter.Quite diff from Will eh? The rhyme scheme Spenser uses is "ababbcbcc." Nobody used it much (cuz Will's was soooo awesome) and it nearly went extinct until Lord Byron picked it up and ran with it in Childe Harolde's Pilgrimmage which is also lovely and decadent. Damn hippy poets.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beerfest Swag


By the numbers:
1 freshly minted 21 year old
35 Breweries (I hit 22 of 'em)
2 vitamin waters
4 pizzas
2 shirts
3 pieces of stout chocolate cake
0 tattoos ):

#1 beer (IMHO) Dragonmead's Redwing Raspberry
#2 (and a close second) Black Lotus Brewing Co.'s Sun Ra (nice wheat beer)
#3 Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.'s Ginger Beer (Fina'll get a six pack soon--you are Gonna LOVE IT!)

Honorable Mentions:

Atwater had a Vanilla Porter that was VERY tasty and popular, Kuhnhenn's Brown & Hairy Nut coconut stout yummy!, Founder's had a raspberry called Rubaeus which was okay but not as good as the Redwing. Oh New Holland which has Zoomer & Mad Hatter which are two of my everyday top ten had a lovely brew they named Red Tulip that I hadn't had before.

Totally Icky:

The Livery's Cherry Jubilee way too sour--New Holland's Lucid too hoppy. Fort Street Brewery's The Grapes & Grains of Wrath
YUCK! and the collaborative "Grand Crew" smelled nice but had a weird dry finish.

The Music:

The Gypsy Strings of Detroit--oh yes we liked them very much. And the Dunuya Drum & Dance troupe. I suppose it was good for me to get out of my Turkish/Persian rut. These guys played a very West African beat that I insisted on dancing too despite my mad ninja Middle Eastern Dance skillz. I must not have been too embarrassing because some guy gave me beads and Matt asked me "Did ya have fun?" Ya looked like you were having fun."

Then at home Petey & Dave continued the Gypsy guitar theme and we drank till we all fell asleep.


Thursday, July 26, 2007



If you aren't done reading HP7--Deathly Hallows yet, please be warned. I need to start processing the death of the Potions Master. JKR has put some very final closure on my favorite character. So HEADS UP PEOPLE!!


IF YER NOT DONE GO AWAY--Today's entry is all Snape and his last scene and my little eulogy.


From the Lexicon-RE book6--"Snape's motives are unclear and probably quite complicated, but the murder was inevitable once it was clear that Draco would fail, because of an Unbreakable Vow Snape made to Draco's mother to "carry out the deed that the Dark Lord ... ordered Draco to perform."

I was uspet but was also sure that the murder was planned. The pauses and significant eye contact reassured me of my boy's mad ninja mind reading skillz. After the attack Snape escaped with Draco Malfoy and 2 other Death Eaters (probably Alecto and Amycus); being screamed at by Buckbeak, BUT NOT HURT by said winged beastie.

Now in Book 7: Was his childhood as grim as it appears to have been? YES give the poor dude a break. I knew I was right about him loving the Lils.

THEN--that effing Snake bites my poor darling in the neck.(How very Vash of JKR! *beam*) He didn't want to die, he was attempting to stop the blood flowing from his neck, but when he realised he was doomed he GAVE HARRY ALL HIS MEMORIES. Okay maybe "gave" is the wrong word. BUT what he did say was "Look at Me." Perhaps just to see Lily's eyes as he died; but also I am sure he knew He had done all he could to protect Harry and to fight Voldemort. He was most bravely trying to maintain his cover-- but all would have been at stake when Severus had repelled the attack and lost Voldy's trust. The whole conversation prior the to the snake bite "let me get the boy"--GODS people he was still trying to get to Harry first. TO PROTECT HIM FROM VOLDY. Snape died a brave warrior, an utterly selfless champion of the Order. He died protecting Harry a last time, thus allowing him go on living. "Albus Severus". THAT made me cry.

Saw an article yesterday that was interviewing JKR. She is def gonna do the Encyclopedia ("not tomorrow"..of course)
she also wants to run with Dean Thomas and she has mentioned some prequel stuff in other interviews. I would like Albus Severus (Harry & Ginny son for you non-geeks) to have an adventure. That would be okay.

From the literary point of view the plot fits and is coherent. But my darling bitter man...sniff

Was he perfect? No. That was Harry's job. Not even Dumbledore was spotless. people aren't

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Box hunting

I'm not a speed reader. But I can scan fast. Prior to latching my heart into the purple monster I had become very adept at spotting real estate "HOUSE FOR SALE" signs. Just as I was rejoicing in the freedom to gaze above the curbside level, I have discovered that cruising people's recycling bins is a surprisingly good way to get boxes. On Craig's list one chick even announced--MOVING BOXES. This morning the kids and I went box hunting. Our newest game.

Post Office not so good but we did get some kick ass stamps and a fistful of addy change postcards.
Mantis Garden and Supply nope. Dennis had already broken them down.

JACKPOT--Behind The Ypsi Food Co-Op. LOVE IT!! You can pull up right beside the little covered area and VOILA! a truck full o' boxes. That was about the most spiff thing so far this morning. So as a repeat of yesterday wherein we packed about half the books and Isabel's closet to today's mission statement. The rest of the books and my VHS collection (which is pathetic and small compared to Richard's) BTW does anybody want a lot of Shakespeare VHS tapes? They are in good shape. Most have been replace don DVD. OH! Maybe as a reward today I'll order Branagh's Hamlet. It was just released. I doubt I'll be able to pick it up at Poor Yoricks this summer. Hell, I doubt if I'll even make Jackson's Shakespeare fest this summer, let alone my annual trip to Stratford.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I wouldn't trade the last weekend for --what you have a Hershey Bar??
No. I'm just screwin around dear ones--What an a amazing freaking couple of days. Friday was very tightly scheduled but we pulled it off. Started at 8:30 and didn't stop checking things off the to-do list until Saturday about 9pm when I just crashed out like a little baby. Got our bracelets to line up to get the book that night--then Zoli's choir concert lunch at Big Ten Burrito Oh..oh my the best burrito in the world. I'm not a big burrito head but that was delish--smoky chicken and those beans are like crack. Matthew kept teasing me about my "burrito crack". I ate the whole three pound thing which was good because it was the last meal till Saturday afternoon. (And due to the quarts of iced coffee--I wasn't ever hungry till about 2 on saturday--the 24 hr burrito!! lots of SBD farts which turned out to be rather entertaining, and actually, damn helpful. Sean and I used them offensively for personal space at the bookstore! Missed Melisant's b-day. completely.

The final thing was of course to read Deathly Hallows. Started as soon as I got home and was done by 1:10 pm Saturday afternoon.

I won't post any spoilers here (Thomasdear you have to read it yourself. I am an English teacher fer God's Sake!--cliff notes..feh)
But, as this is my blog... I do want to point out that my obsession with Snape has not damned my soul. Sevvie was GOOD. and now he is DEAD. Stooopid Snake--never did like that Snake. "Bad Nagini no biscuit".

Speaking of reptiles when I went to bed at 3:30ish I realized that nobody had (prly) fed Frank. Plus I always give him a little night time treat. But i was so tired/uncoordinated that I accidently dumped about half a package of dehydrated bugs on his head. So I got to clean his tank out this weekend too. As an effort to apologize for him having to swim in his own filth-- we got him a new log and a new plant AND DRUMROLL PLEASE ...six tiny minnows. I figured his having to chase them might burn a few more calories after the feast he had.

The pets suffered this weekend. Chris & Gretch asked us to dog sit. No prob except when Chris took Dylandawg but we thought we had him and in our Harry Potter comas thought we had lost him. Bree of course got out twice this weekend.

Lisa called on Sunday morning and we plotted August. I miss her. She let me debrief about the house. She was attacked by a n umbrella full of bats and she sent me a chicken web page link!! Gonna get a pet chicken--right after the bees. We also decided that we like panties. Esp, cutie ones.

So at long last my brain was back in my skull & I found the kitchen under the drifts of take out containers and banana peels. Figured it ws time to regain the helm of this ship o fools. Made guac. Made cuke salad w/ freshly picked produce from my garden. Fired up the weber.

Last night we grilled and sat on the deck talking HP shit and drinking. Everybody confirmed that I am indeed Molly Weasley despite wanting to be Tonks (or Bella!! ) Finally tasted that lemon cordial that Arianna has been trying to get me to taste. I am slow learner but I am educable. She is completely correct. That limona is some tasty stuff. I finally got to use my little cordial cup. That also made me happy. I honestly don't think I could have asked for a better weekend...well the guest list could have been longer but many of you called and that was cool. Very cool that you all waited till Sunday. Thanks. and no I won't tell you what happens!! Read it yourself!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Zoli's Summer Choir Concert

Ann Arbor Boys Choir July 20, 2007
They are such a cool group of kids. And their voices are like angels.


I promise no spoilers here

Our 'Grand Hallows ball" was fun pics soon--Voldysnort (costume got a 18 outta 10) & death eaters should up around 10:30. When he came over to me I flung back the sides of my cloak to reveal "Snape's Whorecrux" t-shirt and I said and I quote..."Hi Tom. Where's Snape?" Not that he was taken aback (snert) or anything but..I shut up the dark lord. POINT FOR THE BIMBO!!

I went out in the quarter finals of the spelling bee. I screwed up "Morsmordre"--but i'm not really sure how. If i were less mature I would have argued the point but a nine year old from Ypsi won and my new buddy Darnell got second so I'm ok ...mostly ): I just wish I hadn't talked so much trash first!! lol But seriously the little kids got easy words and us "big kids" got MUCH harder stuff...I wish they would have had two age appropriate contests
so I had my book in the truck at 12:23 Record time because Brooke & I got in line before 9am. So we were in the "A" group. But then about 11:30 the mc guy sez everybody with Orange "A" line up by the check out & I was so hopped up on caffeine I was like "Oh I'm glad *I* did the pre-orders, cuz P fro Paul would be much later than G for Gouine and then Petey was like "Daye yer an "a" go get in line." I am a spaz. I took a nap at 3:38 and was back at it at 5:55
was done at 1:10 so if my math is correct, I read it in 10 hours and five minutes??

Friday, July 20, 2007

HP Line up

8:30 drop off Izzy pick up Brooke
8:41 leave Zoli at choir
8:56 join line (about 1/4 of a mile long) (for local readers... from Arborland Borders down to Circuit City) waiting for bracelet to allow us to get in line later today--call Fina &Tarrach--make them laugh. We are in the first color grade. Orange is the color of the revolution.
9:54 hold hands with Brooke and jump over the threshold of store
--15 people to go, can't decide if the guy with the list has real road rash or the worst HP fake scar I have ever seen.
10:05 exit store with another "TRUST SNAPE" sticker and my orange bracelet. Said paper token is marked with 1CD 1BK.


I wonder what time on Saturday the UK cover will arrive?? Anybody care to bet?? Prly not till Monday eh?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

well what relief

You scored as TRUE GOTH, You are a True Goth!

You are a real Goth who is true to the original ideals and standings that created Goth in the first place. You are very likely artistic, open-minded, and do not like stereotyping. The way you dress does not define you as Goth. Goth is defined by action.

"It's sort of odd and sad at the same time that a lot of actual Goths don't know that they are. This is unfortunately the work of massive media stereotyping and misinformation from ignorant but rather noisy wanna-bees. It seems that the bulk of available information on Goth comes from those two sources. Never mind that." -Azhram, "Goth with a Sledgehammer," 1998

Has this result surprised, shocked, angered, or otherwise stirred something in you? Let me know.

To find original article that these results are based off of, Google search for "Goth with a Sledgehammer." THE WRITER OF THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS TEST. If you have beef with your result, take it up with me.





"Goth with a Sledgehammer" Quiz- Real Goth or just Poser?
created with

let's just cut to the chase

sex quiz

U No Poo!!!

The sellers have to clean up the bat poo!!! Happy Dance!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007



In the Freep this morning there was a story about how some shithead stole a copy & photographed each page and of course posted it.
Where is that Smiting Tom?? grrrrrr.... I am just happy to know that the books exist!! EEEEP!

Good morning my dear readers--I'm sure none of you will be surprised by the amount of HP related webpages/groups to which I subscribe. One of my oldest favorites Hp4GrUps (Harry Potty for Grown Ups) got smacked last night and to quote the moderator
"... alas, even now... read at your own risk." Now I would consider going into info shutdown pretty soon but I'm not going anywhere till Brandy&Jason have this baby, and frankly I need the Koffee Klatsche as much as I need caffeine and besides I need to keep ya'll updated on the house w/issues. So I shall just be very very cautious in my online activities.

FURTHER Potty Training:

Friday we are looking forward to the Grand Hallows Ball at our Arborland Borders Store. This morning I popped in to see what time the Spelling Bee started (I plan on winning! BTW) and discovered that they will start handing out bracelets to get in line at 9am. So drop Z off at choir and then zip over there and grab some bracelet action!! EEEEEEP!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I heart Bill Moyers


Shakespeare's heroes elude our simplifying grasp

Who doesn't secretly admire the bad boys??

Charles McNulty recently wrote, "Of all the remarkable qualities of Shakespeare's playwriting, the complex, often contradictory nature of his protagonists is the one that keeps us coming back for more. Our ambivalent relationship to these figures ensnares us like a puzzle that seems readily solvable if only we could have another crack at it."

yes. yes that exactly how I feel. As much as I demand concrete facts in daily life, when I read-- I am fascinated by the dark and mysterious.
fanartist o' the day"
The ambiguous and the dangerous are ultimately the most appealing. I want to console them, help them. Give them a haven. Hamlet, Iago. Anakin and of course my Snape. Him the most because if one considers the minimal details of his childhood that JKR has allowed us to see-- he is entirely deserving of the reader's sympathy. Abused childhood--and then James--(honestly what a putz.) I was quite pleased with the way they handled the graying underpants scene in the film. I hear they are switching screenwriters. hmmmm

Monday, July 16, 2007


First Vick & Harris abandoned the sinking ship--like the rats they are; and now the replacement head of dipshits has gotten canned--maybe I can go back to work soon. The whole suit/administration/cash nazis seem to have bailed and maybe my alma mater will be a nice little 4- year again. A place where teachers and nurses are groomed and gradupatated. A happy place without parking lots and with a winning dive team.

Please enjoy the following media factoid.

"EMU President John Fallon was fired by the Board of Regents. VP Jim Vick and EMU Police Chief Cindy Hall were also forced out over the scandal surrounding the murder of an EMU student in her campus dorm room."

WEMU said that he got a courier delivered letter in the middle of the night. SWEET!

Issues with the house

Furnace is rusted out & needs a heat exchanger (apparently heat exchangers keep Carbon Monoxide out--that seems like a good thing) FURNCE MUST BE REPLACED BEFORE WINTER

Roof--gonna need to be replaced soon.

AC--advertised as central but because of old houses not being built with cold air returns--is actually only pleasant on the first floor.

Radon-- we read 6.something... & 4 is the Michigan cut off--gotta get a fan/tube thingy

the washer & dryer are garbage.

the fireplace/chimney need to be cleaned

only one of the master bedroom ceiling windows work.

The party barn is home to a thriving colony of Bats & two years worth of bat poo.

The proverbial rug has been pulled out. Let the negotiations begin...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am sensing a shift.

This blog is gonna turn from a tool for me to process things internally to a tool for me to process the reclamation of our 100 year old house. It has been empty for at least two years. The sellers "still have some stuff to clean up."

As you can prly tell we walked thru the Purple house last night. It seems that Bats are a theme in my life. The party barn is a host to a vigorous & healthy bat colony. There are drifts of poo EVERYWHERE in that barn. Anybody got a mask? sigh

And the washing machine and dryer are just unacceptable.

The roof has to be replaced and so does the furnace. bigger sigh

There are wasps nests under every eaves and in the bird feeders. The garden will be beautiful. NEXT year. Right now it is weedy, overgrown and suffering from drought stress.
Here is a new link with some different pictures 5515 CRANE RD .

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Natural Fibers

Rob at Threadbear in Lansing confirmed something I learned at my first SCA event. Man made fibers do not breathe. He writes
"Reconsidering the notion of seasonal knits may not be a bad idea. We're all used to the concept of knitting with cotton in the summer and wool in the winter, yet at times it may be difficult to try to stay a season ahead so as to finish things in time to wear them when the weather changes. From knitting with cotton in January to hunkering down with wool in August, it's sometimes odd to be "flipped" with your projects. Even stranger yet, some of you may have overheard Rob (and Matt) say (especially Rob, in sock class) that it's a good idea to wear light-weight wool in summer—animal fiber is much better at wicking away moisture (who are we kidding... SWEAT), very cooling to the skin (ever hear of tropical-weight wool suits, anyone??), and overall just plain lighter. That's why your feet stay cool and comfy when you wear wool socks in July, versus heavy cotton fibers that hold perspiration."

Dudes-- nothing could be more true. I agree completely. I have turned into quite the fabric snot. I do not weave/crochet or knit with acrylic. I have hated nylons since I was preggers with Matt so that is 20.8 years now of detesting that extruded shit--I do have a couple of rayon dresses but they are mundane and for those times I have to wear my Dr's wife hat. Those dresses offer me another reason to be cranky at Dr-y events.

I love my cheap cotton skirts. But I have never been so comfortable as in early period garb. A bog dress while having the tendency to make me look like a plaid refrigerator, is the most amazingly pleasant thing to wear. Recently for the event at Talonvale I adapted the fabric Mai* (Fina did that little abbreviation & I LIKE it--Maigrheid, I hope you do too cuz your name is a bitch to type) helped me purchase and cut some lovely blue linen at my first Pennsic. I shifted it (get it?? "shift"!! little garb pun there) into Roman Tunica which I wore with a beautifully embroidered Stola.
95F and I was happy as a lark. For those of you who care-- Kate is wearing her normal EXQUISITE Turkish which is usually about three or four layers of fabric and she was perfectly comfortable.

One last natural fiber plug and then I will shut up. FLAX. Linen. There is no finer thing to put on your body. If I could swing it all my clothes would be J.Jill or Flax. LOVE IT!!

*Who remembers THAT shopping extravaganza??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


11 July 2007
Shakespeare’s First Folio - BL/Shakespeare's Globe Facsimiles

On 12 July, Shakespeare's Globe and the British Library will launch a series of facsimile editions of individual plays from Shakespeare's First Folio, beginning with Othello, The Merchant of Venice and Love's Labour's Lost, the plays that are in repertory at Shakespeare's Globe during its 2007 theatre season.

One of the British Library's five copies of the First Folio has recently been photographed especially for the series. Further facsimiles will be produced to coincide with future Shakespeare's Globe productions.

The First Folio is the first collected edition of Shakespeare's plays, one of the most famous books in the world and one of the major attractions in the British Library's Treasures gallery. Published in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare's death, by Isaac Jaggard and Edward Blount, closely supervised by his friends and fellow actors, John Heminge and Henry Condell, the First Folio contains the texts of 36 plays, half of which had not previously been published.

The Folio was a publishing first – the first time a collection exclusively of plays by an English dramatist had been collected and published on Folio size paper – usually reserved for more serious works such as bibles, histories and atlases. Ben Jonson had published his own plays in Folio in 1616 but included poems and classical translations to add intellectual weight to the endeavour.

Heminge and Condell, as fellow shareholders in the Globe Theatre, could provide Jaggard and Blount with some of Shakespeare's “foul papers” or manuscripts and the company's prompt-books for the edition. They sought to preserve Shakespeare's plays for posterity. The First Folio was a major act of commemoration of a man who they described as “a happie imitator of nature and a most gentle expresser of it”. It was the first time that plays such as Twelfth Night, The Tempest, Love's Labour's Lost, and Antony and Cleopatra were made available to the reading public. Without the First Folio, some of these plays may have been lost for all time.

Copies of the First Folio originally sold for one pound each. In 2001 a copy of the First Folio was sold at auction for over £4 million. Thus buyers of these individual facsimiles can look to save over £110,000 per play. A copy of Shakespeare's First Folio is permanently displayed in the British Library's Sir John Ritblat Gallery.

In addition to the text of the play, each facsimile will include copies of some of the preliminary pages from the Folio including the famous portrait of Shakespeare, engraved by Martin Droeshout, An introduction has been provided by a leading expert on the First Folio, Anthony James West, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of English Studies, University College London.

David Way, Head of Publishing at the British Library, commented, “It has been a pleasure to work with the Shakespeare's Globe on this project, which marks the first time in over 80 years that facsimiles of single plays from the First Folio have been produced. Facsimiles of more plays from the First Folio will be released to tie in with future Globe theatre seasons so I hope that readers will enjoy collecting these beautiful publications”.

Patrick Spottiswoode, Director, Globe Education at Shakespeare's Globe, added, ‘The aim of the Globe Folios has been to provide students, actors and the general reader alike with portable and affordable facsimiles of individual plays taken from the First Folio. I am indebted to the Trustees of the British Library for supporting this endeavour.'

Facsimiles of Othello, The Merchant of Venice and Love's Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare, are published in hardback by Shakespeare's Globe and the British Library, 12 July 2007, RRP £14.95 (48 pages, 305 x 195mm, ISBN 978 0 7123 0946 2 / 978 0 7123 0951 6 / 978 0 7123 0956 1). The book is available from the Globe shop at a special introductory price, the British Library shop, and all good book retailers.


Ha, ya'll thought I was gonna talk about HP & the OoP didn't cha!! Not so much. I ruined Sixth Sense for R&T and I will not willingly spoil anything for anybody ever again. I will warn you tho-there are a shit load of previews, at least at the midnight show last night. It was supposed to start at 12:10--but had about 20 minutes of trailers--So I got home just before 3 am. Sleepy Mommy--YAWN. I am too old to stay up that late. Poor Sara had a 45 minute drive back to the D. BTW--The Golden Compass looks pretty good. If you have seen OoP pick up the phone!! & I do want to tip off my Malfoy infatuated sister tho--"He is lovely. Your boy is just lovely."

So what shall I chatter on at you this morning? NOT BOXES!! NOT TAPE!!

Actually last night (earlier than the movie is amazing how much you can cram in one day) Petey & I attended a reading for new book that was published by MSU. It is called freshwater:Women Writing on the Great Lakes. It is edited by Alison Swan who is also a contributor. I was not surprised to see my old office mate at EMU, Janet Kaufman has a piece included. She has always been very ecologically minded. That girl is all swamps & cranes. The event was hosted by The Michigan League of Conservation Voters who have a web presence HERE and my wonderful neighbors Rene & Matt Greff at their whoopass establishment--The Corner Brewery.
It gave me hope for my old MS--Truck Stops, Trailer Parks & Fishsticks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scarily Accurate Horrorscope
I am Pisces. This is today.

You have been in a long-term planning mode, more concerned with next year than tomorrow. Now a sense of urgency may overtake everything, requiring you to deal with an immediate crisis. You can't be effective if you are dreaming about the future. It's time for you to swim in the pond of the present moment.

Veggie friends beware


Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Siege of Talonvale

What a fun event. Beautiful site, great weather lots of friends I hardly ever get to see. Before we left I baked the second attempt at period sourdough. (Mission: period bread in a period oven at Gimli) It was far more successful than the last time. It didn't raise much in the oven at all, BUT it had a nice crust and wasn't repulsive. No freaky bacteria strings of crazy gluten this time. In fact it had rather nice crumb. The crowd was split. Kassia and I felt it was too "bitey" still but Pete and Carol liked it. I'm gonna try 1/4 of the amount of starter and some white flour. Carol said whole wheat is a bitch to get to loft up properly and that it was a good attempt. It's just that I have Zingerman's as my bench mark. Maybe I am shooting too high?? The land jager was a tasty hit and they made a nice period snack together.

Friday, July 6, 2007

glazed over

and I don't mean donuts.
Not even bacon maple glazed from VOODOO DONUTS in Portland. This whole moving thing. Shopping for a house, finding a house getting out bid on a house, repeat.

I have Sworn up and down that I hate "cookie cutter subdivisions" and will never live in one-- then Petey found a near perfect house (a purple Victorian. It looks like they plucked it up from San Francisco and plopped in down on the edge of this sub division. It has it's barns and out buildings and four acres (so I can practice archery for FREE!!) but the people whose backyard touches our backyard?

They are the outer edge of a subdivison. Now, truthfully we can only see four of "them" from the driveway,and they are different colors-- but we will have to drive by them every day. But it has a VIKING RANGE and double ovens AND a fireplace. But then we have to actually let go of this house and this is MY house damn it.

We have a wonderful wonderful agent named Anna. She and Pete have all sorts of emails flying back & forth--all filled with scary numbers of immense proportions and frankly it makes my head spin. I tried to rationalize this whole pretend numbers thing by thinking about buying BBQ sauce. We like Sweet baby Ray's and it was on sale at Hiller's 3 for $5. I can comfortably stand there and figure the price per ounce and see a good deal and purchase three bottles of BBQ sauce without batting an eyelash. Why is comprehending square footage of real estate any different? Buying BBQ sauce doesn't make my stomach hurt or my head spin.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Snape's Trial

I'm not sure if this post counts as sharing kick ass fan art or if it is one of those spoon feeding the reader things I really wish somebody would comment on because I am desperate for adult conversation. That's not a fair point. I had some lovely conversations at Stacy's last night--I may have a crush on Kate--she has such smooth legs and she's got intriguing ideas about the life cycle. But in general, like right now--rather than cringe while Zoli makes his own damn pancakes (gods save us please!!) and I muddle my way through the first mug of Java (Pete left about three hours ago--when I was asleep) I could use a grown up instead of somebody who yells victoriously..."HA HA! I HAVE SMITED YOU EGG!!"--

Regardless--On the morning of 7-07-07, starting at 10:40 AM EST, The Leaky Lounge will be hosting ANOTHER trial of my darling Sevvie for the murder of Albus Dumbledore, PUHLEEZE!! It was planned!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

six degrees of Voldemort

I know I am slow.

The film came out last year but we finally watched Running with Scissors last night. Joseph Fiennes is the hunk who played Will in Shakespeare in Love-- notably for this rambling-- Gwyneth Paltrow is also in both films. If a person was on their SECOND cup of coffee they could do a nice Compare&Contrast essay. I however am going to sit here and ponder the fienness that is Joseph (not his brother Rafe--Ralph Fiennes was the actor in Schindler's List and the other sibilant confusion of hunky actors-- the Baldwin boys have a rep here--(don't forget Stephen tho he is a cousin). Oh my- aren't they pretty? last night Alec got to be the cocksucker- wait- scratch that-- actually Joseph was the cocksucker. Alec Baldwin played the nasty ex husband of Annette Bening who was married (in real life) to Warren Beatty who had a beer with Les Claypool and Trey Parker thus getting us to Kevin Bacon who surely has been lampooned on South Park at least ONCE--thus I have Joseph Fiennes and Kevin Bacon. Or maybe I should drink some more coffee.

Oh--what did I think of the film? I sat there and watched it. Wasn't bad--I liked the book better-- of course. I enjoyed the credits where they had Augusten Burrough is sitting next to the actor who portrayed him--Joseph Cross. That was cool.

pretty crazy. fun '70s costumes--a good rental, glad I didn't pay theatre prices and I'm glad it is done clogging my netflix cue. I'd give it --oh a 8.5 outta ten. Mostly for Fiennes..

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Trendy Wendy

Oh sure NOW the rest of the world is catching up to my favorite obsession. In the Freep this morning there is over two pages of HP stuff. A couple of full page pictorials, costume contests and recapping the series-- blah blah blah...There is little mention of Snape. That's okay he is always in my head. You know me... to paraphrase Jim Butcher--I like my fantasy characters like I take my coffee...dark and bitter!!

That phrase makes me giggle. I have thinking about other grammatically similar fact; much like fictional band names (the winner of which is still Pussy Toupee)--I have decided to start collecting "preference similes". For example--I like my men like I like my tea...weak and green. (Okay I don't like weak green men at all, but it is funny!) Or how about..."I like my books like I like my sausage..spicy and linked." Maybe..."I prefer poetry like my vodka-- clear and smooth."
I haven't quite settled on a chocolate simile yet-- something about "dark & rich" or one for fighters--tho "butch and bald" keeps drifting around...what 'choo got?

Monday, July 2, 2007

cookin' dabook

I have always told my creative writing students to let a draft sit. Let it "cook" so to speak. Well, I have an official draft of my historic novel completed, and printed--as you can see. One draft has been mailed to it's beta reader, Fina-- despite it going through three perfectly good boxes before actually getting postage paid on it. You see clever reader-- Apparently the post office won't use DHL boxes and then the mailbabe was like --"oh let's get book rate-- it's $2 cheaper" and I was like ..uh ..okay. What a waste of cardboad tho! One copy gets delivered Thursday when Tim gives it to Rick and I better hook up with Carol before we go see Harry Potter OoP at midnight, but today is her birthday and I'm not gonna bug her with my ego stroking today!!

I am not gonna look at the file till they come home at the end of summer. I might fuss around with the bibliography/notes bit but no new text till I see what they think. How does one shop for an agent? If they are anything like hiring handymen I am screwed!

this morning in the Freep

There are reinforcements on the way boys!! Several of our friends in the SCA play their game in Viking Mode. Vikings are awesome! (Not as sweet as 15th Europe BUT a couple of steps closer to literacy than Boadicea.) I like Vikings. They are very honest and forthright about their mission statements--no BS from a Viking. (and they have great epic poetry)

It was with great interest that I read the tiny tiny blurb in this morning's paper. There are some brave and dedicated re-enactors in a ship they named the Sea Stallion. They left Denmark on Sunday for a trip to Ireland. They have 100 feet of authenticity and am I jealous. Here is a link for you to click on.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Monks of New Skete

The Sunday NY Times ran an obit for an amazing person who really changed my life. The Rev. Laurence Mancuso was the founding abbot of a monastery in upstate New York. He died June 10 and the world is now less one hero. The monks have a style of dog training that is holistic and ravingly successful. When we brought our darling Emery home as a pup so many years ago we read a lovely book called "The Art of Raising a Puppy" it was written by "The Monks of New Skete." click here. I learned so much, that really changed the way I think about dogs. The whole wolf pack theory--alpha bitch authority, leadership and all that--a lot of the philosophy applies to kids too!!
respect, good food, exercise, freedom within boundaries--"sit stay". Good stuff. Thank you brother Mancuso.

I can't help but wish whomever had Bree as a pup had read this stuff.