Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beerfest Swag


By the numbers:
1 freshly minted 21 year old
35 Breweries (I hit 22 of 'em)
2 vitamin waters
4 pizzas
2 shirts
3 pieces of stout chocolate cake
0 tattoos ):

#1 beer (IMHO) Dragonmead's Redwing Raspberry
#2 (and a close second) Black Lotus Brewing Co.'s Sun Ra (nice wheat beer)
#3 Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.'s Ginger Beer (Fina'll get a six pack soon--you are Gonna LOVE IT!)

Honorable Mentions:

Atwater had a Vanilla Porter that was VERY tasty and popular, Kuhnhenn's Brown & Hairy Nut coconut stout yummy!, Founder's had a raspberry called Rubaeus which was okay but not as good as the Redwing. Oh New Holland which has Zoomer & Mad Hatter which are two of my everyday top ten had a lovely brew they named Red Tulip that I hadn't had before.

Totally Icky:

The Livery's Cherry Jubilee way too sour--New Holland's Lucid too hoppy. Fort Street Brewery's The Grapes & Grains of Wrath
YUCK! and the collaborative "Grand Crew" smelled nice but had a weird dry finish.

The Music:

The Gypsy Strings of Detroit--oh yes we liked them very much. And the Dunuya Drum & Dance troupe. I suppose it was good for me to get out of my Turkish/Persian rut. These guys played a very West African beat that I insisted on dancing too despite my mad ninja Middle Eastern Dance skillz. I must not have been too embarrassing because some guy gave me beads and Matt asked me "Did ya have fun?" Ya looked like you were having fun."

Then at home Petey & Dave continued the Gypsy guitar theme and we drank till we all fell asleep.


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