Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Box hunting

I'm not a speed reader. But I can scan fast. Prior to latching my heart into the purple monster I had become very adept at spotting real estate "HOUSE FOR SALE" signs. Just as I was rejoicing in the freedom to gaze above the curbside level, I have discovered that cruising people's recycling bins is a surprisingly good way to get boxes. On Craig's list one chick even announced--MOVING BOXES. This morning the kids and I went box hunting. Our newest game.

Post Office not so good but we did get some kick ass stamps and a fistful of addy change postcards.
Mantis Garden and Supply nope. Dennis had already broken them down.

JACKPOT--Behind The Ypsi Food Co-Op. LOVE IT!! You can pull up right beside the little covered area and VOILA! a truck full o' boxes. That was about the most spiff thing so far this morning. So as a repeat of yesterday wherein we packed about half the books and Isabel's closet to today's mission statement. The rest of the books and my VHS collection (which is pathetic and small compared to Richard's) BTW does anybody want a lot of Shakespeare VHS tapes? They are in good shape. Most have been replace don DVD. OH! Maybe as a reward today I'll order Branagh's Hamlet. It was just released. I doubt I'll be able to pick it up at Poor Yoricks this summer. Hell, I doubt if I'll even make Jackson's Shakespeare fest this summer, let alone my annual trip to Stratford.

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