Monday, July 16, 2007

Issues with the house

Furnace is rusted out & needs a heat exchanger (apparently heat exchangers keep Carbon Monoxide out--that seems like a good thing) FURNCE MUST BE REPLACED BEFORE WINTER

Roof--gonna need to be replaced soon.

AC--advertised as central but because of old houses not being built with cold air returns--is actually only pleasant on the first floor.

Radon-- we read 6.something... & 4 is the Michigan cut off--gotta get a fan/tube thingy

the washer & dryer are garbage.

the fireplace/chimney need to be cleaned

only one of the master bedroom ceiling windows work.

The party barn is home to a thriving colony of Bats & two years worth of bat poo.

The proverbial rug has been pulled out. Let the negotiations begin...

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