Thursday, July 12, 2007

Natural Fibers

Rob at Threadbear in Lansing confirmed something I learned at my first SCA event. Man made fibers do not breathe. He writes
"Reconsidering the notion of seasonal knits may not be a bad idea. We're all used to the concept of knitting with cotton in the summer and wool in the winter, yet at times it may be difficult to try to stay a season ahead so as to finish things in time to wear them when the weather changes. From knitting with cotton in January to hunkering down with wool in August, it's sometimes odd to be "flipped" with your projects. Even stranger yet, some of you may have overheard Rob (and Matt) say (especially Rob, in sock class) that it's a good idea to wear light-weight wool in summer—animal fiber is much better at wicking away moisture (who are we kidding... SWEAT), very cooling to the skin (ever hear of tropical-weight wool suits, anyone??), and overall just plain lighter. That's why your feet stay cool and comfy when you wear wool socks in July, versus heavy cotton fibers that hold perspiration."

Dudes-- nothing could be more true. I agree completely. I have turned into quite the fabric snot. I do not weave/crochet or knit with acrylic. I have hated nylons since I was preggers with Matt so that is 20.8 years now of detesting that extruded shit--I do have a couple of rayon dresses but they are mundane and for those times I have to wear my Dr's wife hat. Those dresses offer me another reason to be cranky at Dr-y events.

I love my cheap cotton skirts. But I have never been so comfortable as in early period garb. A bog dress while having the tendency to make me look like a plaid refrigerator, is the most amazingly pleasant thing to wear. Recently for the event at Talonvale I adapted the fabric Mai* (Fina did that little abbreviation & I LIKE it--Maigrheid, I hope you do too cuz your name is a bitch to type) helped me purchase and cut some lovely blue linen at my first Pennsic. I shifted it (get it?? "shift"!! little garb pun there) into Roman Tunica which I wore with a beautifully embroidered Stola.
95F and I was happy as a lark. For those of you who care-- Kate is wearing her normal EXQUISITE Turkish which is usually about three or four layers of fabric and she was perfectly comfortable.

One last natural fiber plug and then I will shut up. FLAX. Linen. There is no finer thing to put on your body. If I could swing it all my clothes would be J.Jill or Flax. LOVE IT!!

*Who remembers THAT shopping extravaganza??

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