Wednesday, July 18, 2007



In the Freep this morning there was a story about how some shithead stole a copy & photographed each page and of course posted it.
Where is that Smiting Tom?? grrrrrr.... I am just happy to know that the books exist!! EEEEP!

Good morning my dear readers--I'm sure none of you will be surprised by the amount of HP related webpages/groups to which I subscribe. One of my oldest favorites Hp4GrUps (Harry Potty for Grown Ups) got smacked last night and to quote the moderator
"... alas, even now... read at your own risk." Now I would consider going into info shutdown pretty soon but I'm not going anywhere till Brandy&Jason have this baby, and frankly I need the Koffee Klatsche as much as I need caffeine and besides I need to keep ya'll updated on the house w/issues. So I shall just be very very cautious in my online activities.

FURTHER Potty Training:

Friday we are looking forward to the Grand Hallows Ball at our Arborland Borders Store. This morning I popped in to see what time the Spelling Bee started (I plan on winning! BTW) and discovered that they will start handing out bracelets to get in line at 9am. So drop Z off at choir and then zip over there and grab some bracelet action!! EEEEEEP!


biscodo said...

So, dumb question from a non-Potterite: when the final book comes out and you've read it twice or thrice, then what? I mean, are you going to need a rehab program, or do you just transfer obsessions to something else?

In the case of transference, does that mean you've abandoned your beloved? If you don't transfer, does that mean you're just hanging on?

Daye said...

I have read the other volumes about 10-15 times. Lit Majors can wallow in good characters forever. apparently I am gonna have my hands full of old house and then of course I can start work on the 2nd draft of my book. no worries.

Knit-Knot said...

I thought you needed to see this. I know I enjoyed it. See you at Pennsic

Daye said...

ou est la??? c'est knit knot????

Knit-Knot said...

C'est moi, Giulia. Vos amie qui habite a Northshield.

Daye said...

Ah bien! bonjour ma reine! Salut!!!