Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shakespeare's heroes elude our simplifying grasp

Who doesn't secretly admire the bad boys??

Charles McNulty recently wrote, "Of all the remarkable qualities of Shakespeare's playwriting, the complex, often contradictory nature of his protagonists is the one that keeps us coming back for more. Our ambivalent relationship to these figures ensnares us like a puzzle that seems readily solvable if only we could have another crack at it."

yes. yes that exactly how I feel. As much as I demand concrete facts in daily life, when I read-- I am fascinated by the dark and mysterious.
fanartist o' the day"
The ambiguous and the dangerous are ultimately the most appealing. I want to console them, help them. Give them a haven. Hamlet, Iago. Anakin and of course my Snape. Him the most because if one considers the minimal details of his childhood that JKR has allowed us to see-- he is entirely deserving of the reader's sympathy. Abused childhood--and then James--(honestly what a putz.) I was quite pleased with the way they handled the graying underpants scene in the film. I hear they are switching screenwriters. hmmmm

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