Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Siege of Talonvale

What a fun event. Beautiful site, great weather lots of friends I hardly ever get to see. Before we left I baked the second attempt at period sourdough. (Mission: period bread in a period oven at Gimli) It was far more successful than the last time. It didn't raise much in the oven at all, BUT it had a nice crust and wasn't repulsive. No freaky bacteria strings of crazy gluten this time. In fact it had rather nice crumb. The crowd was split. Kassia and I felt it was too "bitey" still but Pete and Carol liked it. I'm gonna try 1/4 of the amount of starter and some white flour. Carol said whole wheat is a bitch to get to loft up properly and that it was a good attempt. It's just that I have Zingerman's as my bench mark. Maybe I am shooting too high?? The land jager was a tasty hit and they made a nice period snack together.

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Maddy said...

Hm. period bread at Gimli? Cool. They have the organic honey people there most years, and what could be better on bread than honey? Yum! Will definitely plan to buy some honey again this year.