Wednesday, July 4, 2007

six degrees of Voldemort

I know I am slow.

The film came out last year but we finally watched Running with Scissors last night. Joseph Fiennes is the hunk who played Will in Shakespeare in Love-- notably for this rambling-- Gwyneth Paltrow is also in both films. If a person was on their SECOND cup of coffee they could do a nice Compare&Contrast essay. I however am going to sit here and ponder the fienness that is Joseph (not his brother Rafe--Ralph Fiennes was the actor in Schindler's List and the other sibilant confusion of hunky actors-- the Baldwin boys have a rep here--(don't forget Stephen tho he is a cousin). Oh my- aren't they pretty? last night Alec got to be the cocksucker- wait- scratch that-- actually Joseph was the cocksucker. Alec Baldwin played the nasty ex husband of Annette Bening who was married (in real life) to Warren Beatty who had a beer with Les Claypool and Trey Parker thus getting us to Kevin Bacon who surely has been lampooned on South Park at least ONCE--thus I have Joseph Fiennes and Kevin Bacon. Or maybe I should drink some more coffee.

Oh--what did I think of the film? I sat there and watched it. Wasn't bad--I liked the book better-- of course. I enjoyed the credits where they had Augusten Burrough is sitting next to the actor who portrayed him--Joseph Cross. That was cool.

pretty crazy. fun '70s costumes--a good rental, glad I didn't pay theatre prices and I'm glad it is done clogging my netflix cue. I'd give it --oh a 8.5 outta ten. Mostly for Fiennes..

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