Monday, July 23, 2007


I wouldn't trade the last weekend for --what you have a Hershey Bar??
No. I'm just screwin around dear ones--What an a amazing freaking couple of days. Friday was very tightly scheduled but we pulled it off. Started at 8:30 and didn't stop checking things off the to-do list until Saturday about 9pm when I just crashed out like a little baby. Got our bracelets to line up to get the book that night--then Zoli's choir concert lunch at Big Ten Burrito Oh..oh my the best burrito in the world. I'm not a big burrito head but that was delish--smoky chicken and those beans are like crack. Matthew kept teasing me about my "burrito crack". I ate the whole three pound thing which was good because it was the last meal till Saturday afternoon. (And due to the quarts of iced coffee--I wasn't ever hungry till about 2 on saturday--the 24 hr burrito!! lots of SBD farts which turned out to be rather entertaining, and actually, damn helpful. Sean and I used them offensively for personal space at the bookstore! Missed Melisant's b-day. completely.

The final thing was of course to read Deathly Hallows. Started as soon as I got home and was done by 1:10 pm Saturday afternoon.

I won't post any spoilers here (Thomasdear you have to read it yourself. I am an English teacher fer God's Sake!--cliff notes..feh)
But, as this is my blog... I do want to point out that my obsession with Snape has not damned my soul. Sevvie was GOOD. and now he is DEAD. Stooopid Snake--never did like that Snake. "Bad Nagini no biscuit".

Speaking of reptiles when I went to bed at 3:30ish I realized that nobody had (prly) fed Frank. Plus I always give him a little night time treat. But i was so tired/uncoordinated that I accidently dumped about half a package of dehydrated bugs on his head. So I got to clean his tank out this weekend too. As an effort to apologize for him having to swim in his own filth-- we got him a new log and a new plant AND DRUMROLL PLEASE ...six tiny minnows. I figured his having to chase them might burn a few more calories after the feast he had.

The pets suffered this weekend. Chris & Gretch asked us to dog sit. No prob except when Chris took Dylandawg but we thought we had him and in our Harry Potter comas thought we had lost him. Bree of course got out twice this weekend.

Lisa called on Sunday morning and we plotted August. I miss her. She let me debrief about the house. She was attacked by a n umbrella full of bats and she sent me a chicken web page link!! Gonna get a pet chicken--right after the bees. We also decided that we like panties. Esp, cutie ones.

So at long last my brain was back in my skull & I found the kitchen under the drifts of take out containers and banana peels. Figured it ws time to regain the helm of this ship o fools. Made guac. Made cuke salad w/ freshly picked produce from my garden. Fired up the weber.

Last night we grilled and sat on the deck talking HP shit and drinking. Everybody confirmed that I am indeed Molly Weasley despite wanting to be Tonks (or Bella!! ) Finally tasted that lemon cordial that Arianna has been trying to get me to taste. I am slow learner but I am educable. She is completely correct. That limona is some tasty stuff. I finally got to use my little cordial cup. That also made me happy. I honestly don't think I could have asked for a better weekend...well the guest list could have been longer but many of you called and that was cool. Very cool that you all waited till Sunday. Thanks. and no I won't tell you what happens!! Read it yourself!!

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