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If you aren't done reading HP7--Deathly Hallows yet, please be warned. I need to start processing the death of the Potions Master. JKR has put some very final closure on my favorite character. So HEADS UP PEOPLE!!


IF YER NOT DONE GO AWAY--Today's entry is all Snape and his last scene and my little eulogy.


From the Lexicon-RE book6--"Snape's motives are unclear and probably quite complicated, but the murder was inevitable once it was clear that Draco would fail, because of an Unbreakable Vow Snape made to Draco's mother to "carry out the deed that the Dark Lord ... ordered Draco to perform."

I was uspet but was also sure that the murder was planned. The pauses and significant eye contact reassured me of my boy's mad ninja mind reading skillz. After the attack Snape escaped with Draco Malfoy and 2 other Death Eaters (probably Alecto and Amycus); being screamed at by Buckbeak, BUT NOT HURT by said winged beastie.

Now in Book 7: Was his childhood as grim as it appears to have been? YES give the poor dude a break. I knew I was right about him loving the Lils.

THEN--that effing Snake bites my poor darling in the neck.(How very Vash of JKR! *beam*) He didn't want to die, he was attempting to stop the blood flowing from his neck, but when he realised he was doomed he GAVE HARRY ALL HIS MEMORIES. Okay maybe "gave" is the wrong word. BUT what he did say was "Look at Me." Perhaps just to see Lily's eyes as he died; but also I am sure he knew He had done all he could to protect Harry and to fight Voldemort. He was most bravely trying to maintain his cover-- but all would have been at stake when Severus had repelled the attack and lost Voldy's trust. The whole conversation prior the to the snake bite "let me get the boy"--GODS people he was still trying to get to Harry first. TO PROTECT HIM FROM VOLDY. Snape died a brave warrior, an utterly selfless champion of the Order. He died protecting Harry a last time, thus allowing him go on living. "Albus Severus". THAT made me cry.

Saw an article yesterday that was interviewing JKR. She is def gonna do the Encyclopedia ("not tomorrow"..of course)
she also wants to run with Dean Thomas and she has mentioned some prequel stuff in other interviews. I would like Albus Severus (Harry & Ginny son for you non-geeks) to have an adventure. That would be okay.

From the literary point of view the plot fits and is coherent. But my darling bitter man...sniff

Was he perfect? No. That was Harry's job. Not even Dumbledore was spotless. people aren't

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