Thursday, August 30, 2007

oh how clever

Good morning beloved ones--Do you get Sierra magazine? It's fun to read in the crapper. So they have this little sound bite on page 15 of the Sept. issue. (WHY? do magazines send their publications out for the month that has yet to happen? If it is July I would prefer to read the July edition..ya know? The FREEP does a similarly annoying thing; they put the Sunday comics in the Saturay paper, with all the coupons and shit... Whatever...We do not read the Sunday comics til Sunday thank you very much.
anyway this little idea from Sierra. Go to and check out how to be annoying to republicans and lazy Americans in general. On Sept 21 they want you to act out (ooh I'm good at that) and reclaim some concrete. I think I may do it. AT EMU--they have too many empty parking spots'll be easy.

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