Thursday, August 16, 2007

so many things

I knew, that in this past 15 days I should have kept a list of things that inspired a well turned sentence, but it seemed that once I got past the daily to-do list I was just too beaten down to consider anything beyond primeval grunts. I wanted to tell ya'll about "King Bat and the Haz Mat suit", or babble on about the mailbox being across the street. Maybe get a decent paragraph out of the Barnia Lightposts. We are still struggling with what to call this place. It isn't a yard, way too big. It isn't an estate, too laid back and really not big enough. Farms actually produce stuff. A retired farm??

We have lots of wasps. In fact we have lots of wildlife that we didn't have at Wallace. Tons more butterflies, dragonflies, toads, frogs and itty bitty frogs. Maple trees too massive to hug. Bunnies, ground hogs, an owl--oh don't forget the bats.

Bree has mellowed at least 65%. She is much happier here. Less barking. In fact she hasn't "gone OCD" at all here. Still no recall and she is still pretty spaz when visitors arrive, but overall I see a big improvement in her behavior. Our morning walks have morphed into evening "perimeter checks". I can't find my pedometer but I know it is less than her accustomed 3-4 miles. Pete still takes her running tho.

We found some old crates that had been used as wall in the tool shed-ette that are stamped "Belle Farm" but Pete hates that idea, Big Purple Farmhouse is more of a descriptor than a name...I feel like Mrs. Fairfax trying to keep tabs at Thornfield Hall.

We still haven't even got an idea how to re-decorate the lobsters in our bathroom. BUT! we agree that "Japtorian" is the new scheme for the library. The Victorians were enamored with Japanese art & culture and my adoration of the Edo period just touches the Victorian age. So off we go with Victorian/Japanese decorating plan.


Linda said...

John Says "4 acres is not nearly too much to be called a lawn."

Maddy said...

I like japtorian. You gonna do all those japanned boxes and painted screens?