Sunday, October 28, 2007

sooo tired

Punkin Day '07. The barn was properly initiated with punkin guts and beer. Crazy dancing and black martinis. Pig roast, spider pinata, zombie hunt, blood sacrifice, sugar,surprise live band, a Tuchux!--waaaay too much food, gorging and feasting. Bonfire finally got peed on at 3 am. The dog only got away once. Spear chucking, and then Huevos for breakfast (which was really lunch cuz nobody was moving too fast) If it was a mastercard commercial I think it would be sumthin like

100 lbs of pork
1/2 keg of LaBatts

party with awesome friends: Priceless

minimal photos here

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Gwyneth said...

I might have read one line as "chucking huevos for breakfast" which sounds a lot less delightful than your original. I am sorry I missed it.