Sunday, October 14, 2007

virgin lust

Virgin --snort--yeah and I am a demure and ladylike super model.

I enjoyed a very nearly perfect Friday evening. Ya know what?? I am trying to think what made it not perfect?? Um...think think... we were a couple five minutes late for dinner because of traffic (a seemingly constant state of affairs) and we misjudged the busy/loud factor of Ashley's Pub and so ended up walking up and down the same block twice to find a place for the post flick dessert discussion. Nummy Cosmo place Truly dear one, it was my idea of a perfect night out. Dinner at Red Hawk w/Himself and Arianna--a couple absolute & tonics and then we boogied around the corner to gorge our eyes on the Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It wasn't great-- but I would give it a strong 8 outta ten. The costumes were deliciously spectacular. John Dees was awesome, admittedly I was hoping that Roger Ascham would make an appearance. *sad fan girl* Also...Despite Eli's clarification-- I stand by my opinion that the Mary Queen of Scots story line was distracting--tho when they pulled the Iron Maiden off her cousin's face --that was pretty cool,

I could make a list to sum up the evening-- that would be quick & easy--but I am toying with doing a longer piece on Cate Blanchett and her interp of Elizabeth. alas--that would be a separate issue. And so without further ado--the "I watched too muchLettermanasakidnow I am obsessed with Lists" response to my perfect Friday night

1. Eli has great taste in lingerie.
2. Pete made the right choice skipping out on Dylan.
3. The Michigan Theatre is the most beautiful theater in the universe.
4. Queens riding astride in full plate are inspirational even when their speeches are insipid.
5. "semi-freddo" is Italian for yummy chocolate hybrid dessert thingy
6. I can't get the image of Arianna playing beer pong outta my head.
7. it is officially scarf season
8. I like conversations with people who use complete sentences, have intriguing vocabulary at their disposal and still laugh at fart jokes.
9. Ann Arbor is pretty cool.
10. literally.

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Gwyneth said...

Lots of various envies floating through my head. I'm glad you all had a good time. My friends live too far away.