Monday, November 19, 2007

No whey!! YES!! WHEY!!

Saturday we made mozzarella. There are pix at the new album to the left. We shall definitely be doing this again--it was FUN. Hey--do you know anybody with a cow or a goat?? Things we learned: 1. there are levels of pasteurization 2. warm mozzarella is delish 3. we doubt whether there is an actual difference between "cheese salt" and any other kosher salt. 3. we prly paid too much for the thermometer and cheesecloth but where the hell else would we get the rennet? Now we have enough rennet for 60 batches. 4. One gallon of milk = 1/2 lb cheese (not counting the bites we ate 5. Citric acid looks pretty boring despite it's spiff packaging.


biscodo said...

Gotta tell ya... it kinda looks like albino poo in that picture. Delicious albino poo, I'm sure, though.

Paul Orselli said...

Your menu is superb and your cheese is so exciting! Isn't cooking fun! Today I made roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and apples and a maple nut tart that has one stick of butter, three cups of pecans & walnuts and a whole cup of maple syrup. I will serve it with freshly whipped cream - which won't be as good as the cream you get from your penultimate dairy, but what the whey, it'll do.

Speaking of amking cheese - that brings to mind a mystery titled The Girls (by J. Bowen I think) about a lesbian couple who make a living making cheese in rural England. Don't want to give it away, but after reading this I said to myself, "hmmmm. If I wasn't straight I'd be gay." Laugh if you want.

Ps Lisa wrote this