Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tea & a fantasy road trip

There is a fantastic little shop in Stratford, (Canada not England) --not that I've been there in the last year ): called Distinctly Tea. They have a spiff web presence here. They are located at 18 York St.

I feel there is always something inherently "good" about lower numbered addresses; some antique karma that says "I have been here the longest, I have roots." which a street addy that reads 678455513 Seven Mile Rd just doesn't evoke.

We found "Distinctly Tea" about four or five years ago when we were killing time between plays. It is very near the lake--in the back. It isn't up on Tourist Row, it is a picturesque little alley that reminds me of nothing so much as Vieux Ville in Quebec. (say it right! Kay beck)

Lovely people in a beautiful space, so calm and pleasant. The glowing wood floors and atmosphere of a lovingly cared for 100+ year old building housing sparkling glass apothecary jars sealing in the most heavenly scents. Delicately dried and preserved white tips and crumbly black shards of brewing temptations.

Ordering some Darjeeling online is just not the same as smelling broken-leaf Assam. Such an elegant experience, the perfect black with dark copper tips. The bold bite wafting up like the cartoon finger of steam in a Merry Melodies cartoon pie. When you are in the shop you can't wait to rush back to the room and tap your foot till the tea is infused, to smell the vibrant aroma so reminiscent of honey, and perhaps a hint of malt. The first sip warms your soul--calm descends-- the finish has notes as distinctive as red wine. More shopping?? feh-- just make me a cuppa. OH No WAY! They will!-they will brew you a cup right there. If I weren't so clearly aware that I also wanted to hit Elizagoth which has awesome kitsch and to actually see the plays for which we have purchased tickets, I would have never left this shop.

I would still be there learning that saying Chai Tea is the same as saying Tea Tea--kinda dumb, and that steeping and straining methods or pottery vs. glass are just as important topics of conversation as say George W. or the beautiful former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Good luck girl. I'll bet you could use some tea. It fixes things.

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