Monday, November 19, 2007

What is rolling through my brain

8 grown ups 2 kids (potential for two more of each. Come On Burrows' household you can blow off work!)

da Menu:

pre bird snackies=olives, pickles, ho-made mozzerella, crackers nuts etc--

Turkey (local free range from Kirk Coleman's farm) will be brined overnight and roasted with a maple glaze--dressing out side of bird--apples inside of bird
taters--smashed w/gravy
sweet tater (w/ mini smushmellows) casserole
green beans (some how haven't quite settled on this: The contenders are: Daddy wants the Campbell's soup & fried onion combo--Pete wants evil&withered & Izzy wants steamed....I am NOT making three green bean dishes)
tinned cranberry jello served in perfect round slices
actual cranberry & orange relish
Zoli's sour dough rolls with Poppy seed and sesame (real butter)

Post Bird Treats=
punkin pie w/ real whipped cream
choc/punkin cheesecake--new idea
choc silk pie A la Rollo

I like it.

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