Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happy heat

Click here for pics of the beginning steps of the geothermal furnace installation. I'm so excited!! GREEN ENERGY!! Heat upstairs!!! yeee haaaa!
Did I tell you about the propane guy?? I didn't--OMIGAWD!! About the end of October this huge ass truck pulls into the driveway and makes a beeline for the propane pig. It is pouring rain and I am wearing my slippers, but I head over there all indignant and bitchy and I say in my very best "I'm from Flint don't fuck with me" attitude and give the guy an innercity..."Can I help you???" He in all his machismo and big truck driver glory starts in with the "I know what you need little missy" and proceeds to tell me he is gonna fill my propane tank. "Un uH!" So upon discovery that he was NOT going to make a $1000 sale he was very indignant and was all "well we don't give refunds." and I was all like "I don't want a refund. You can pick yer pig up WHEN it is empty, in the mean time get yer big stinky truck outta my yard." grrrrrr

So now I am DAYS away from calling his ass up and saying, MY GEOTHERMAL FURNACE ROCKS and you can suck it propane dude!"

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