Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How the SCA saved my slippers

The chapter of my life that immediately preceded discovering the SCA would have had me deep six-ing my old (read fav) slippers. First of all I should note that said slippers were purchased (over three years ago) simply because they resembled something that might pass as period footwear. They are just boiled wool mules. PURPLE!! Like Imperial Roman Purple. I mean a color only found in nature--but only on a very bright afternoon...and the soles are simply a heavier grade of felt. Not really a good choice for running to a port-a-castle when drunk in a snow storm--ya know? Ya don't?? --feh too bad...come to an event. Yes you! The eight of you constant readers who think the SCA is a sex cult.

For those of you who do understand the need for water tight footgear, continue reading--

Now here at home (in the MK) I seem to find myself hanging out with a lot of Vikings, it's okay--they are "Good People". And they let me sit by them. One of them (Sir Dirk by name) is an accomplished bootmaker and he has tried on several occasions to entice me into his web of leather working. I have watched him at work and observed some tool techniques. Enough so that when the seam on my purty purple slippers burst away from it's soul (atheist amethyst slippers?) I pondered. Not moaning and whining cuz Vikings don't whine--I said to myself, "self" I said."We can do it!"
So I found the curved needle and the awl punch (which I did NOT own prior to the SCA) and I fixed my slipper!

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Deborah said...

Well now you can do shoe repair ....hehe I'll send mine