Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm not quite sure where to start

Perhaps at the beginning of a crazy weekend?
Friday morning at 8:30 I actually PARKED the car near the building I wanted to enter. You must understand dear one, that despite their wanton paving over of endangered cork pine trees and random "reserved" spots--there is seldom a convenient parking spot. EMU realized they were going to have "guests" and thus issued special permission to park near the building one had business in. All the guests were there to support their favorite undergrad in the Undergraduate Research Symposium. I was specifically sponsoring Abby Ventrone (whose presentation ROCKED our session!!) but was also happy to be there to see my students Liz C. and Steven and Andy and Stephanie. To provide pertinent questions at the end of their presentation and smile encouragingly from the audience. To pat them and tell them they are brilliant, which they are! Then we got lunch, but only after the Vice President (please note we still don't have a REAL president) tortured the entire symposium with some bizarre math joke that bordered on algebra and numerology. Few people laughed, in fact most of us in the ginormous ballroom were just trying to sneak the frosting off the delicious smelling (and tasting it turned out) cake they sadistically placed on the tables before we even entered the room. I must talk about the cake before we move on--abfab...mmmm...
The fragrant treat was the perfect springy white cake, creamy moist and layered with raspberry & white chocolate filling. It was the best part of a menu that included an "interesting" chicken and cold noodle concoction. Sort of a japanese spinach salad with Mandarin oranges and dry chicken breasts. Pretty good for free but I don't think I am going to duplicate the recipe ya know?? That cake however was pretty damn tasty. SO THEN

because I couldn't be in Minnesota with the Koffee Klatch who were preoccupied with a girls only sleepover--I went to see Leon Russell with Petey & Chris & Gretch. *cough* Um.. yeah.

The Magic Bag in Fabulous Ferndale?? --enh-- not so fabulous; they apparently had a massive staffing change over and nobody quite knew which end was up--they even lost the drummer. Gretchen loves the blues tho and we tried desperately to ignore the fact that we could be watching the Sparty's round ball game instead of checking Pete's phone for score updates. Finally, after what seemed an interminable amount of time; the horrific "award winning" warm up band shut the fuck up and that was when everyone realized Leon had lost his drummer. Soon enough we gave up *trying* to have fun and we hustled to a real bar with a big screen TV and entertainingly enough a large heard of drunk MSU grads--many of whom seemed to be alumni of the same sorority. Sadly tho--the Sparty boys couldn't do it and my board is now caput. GO! Davidson!!


...on Saturday we decided to go check out the performance on EMU's campus. Brecht on Brecht. My beloved Prof. M was responsible for the costumes-- which like the cake-- were effing fantastic!!tap here for one review we took Z & Hanny and they were pretty much entranced. We all got a little restless during the somber second act (I use that term VERY loosely) and I had to poke Z in the shoulder a couple of times but the first & third bits were so raucously magnetic that later Zoli actually asked if I had a copy of that play. His dad was thrilled as ole Philosophy Nerd was in heaven that anybody even CHOSE to put on Brecht let alone that it was a fantastic production. Sigh--I like the philosophy major a lot more than the overworked doctor. Although I did start calling him Herr Doktor--I think he is amused??

FINALLY if the weekend starts on Friday it must end on Monday right??

A bottle of meade exploded last night. We had heard the loud kathump of the cork forcing the bottle aganist the wall but attributed it to the cat's new found bravery and her exploratory adventure and decided we would continue with our own activities up stairs *wink wink nudge nudge*.

Well the doggies were not so complacent as we and they did a fairly decent job of cleaning up the explosion of sticky honey wine now sprayed all over the kitchen. Can you just see them happily licking up the sweet mess? Which in turn gave them the runs. Apparently fermented honey and doggie digestive tracts do not mix. Man am I glad Pete gets up first! He and Z got all the poops taken care of--but the remaining tacky residue had Isabel's nightgown clinging to the dishwasher and our feet making odd peel off noises. If you can imagine stoopid dawg all red eyed and hungover--quite the noble breed...The Jack Russell Drunken Terrier. She just seems rather sleepy. Jarvis must have been pacing because he is fine.

Mixing one's wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.
Bertolt Brecht


Tierra the earth mama said...

ha ha! too funny.

hey, give me a shout next time you wanna go see a play at EMU.


biscodo said...

"Jack Russel Drunken Terrier":

So if stoopidawg was hung over and foggy-headed, did you bark in a shrill and incessant tone to show her what it's like to be on the receiving end of a creature that just... won't... give it... a rest...

Ypsipearl said...

Your life sounds more fun than mine.

Except for cleaning up the dog runs part.