Monday, May 5, 2008

The peas are up!!

The peas showed me their cute little green heads near the end of last week and this morning when I was "watering my dirt" (That is how Zoli explained my inability to come to the phone to speak w/the plumber.--OH! You didn't hear?? The downstairs bathroom requires professional plumbing AGAIN. It seems that when someone screwed a board into the floor upstairs (in an ancient repair WAAAAY before we got here) the screw stopped just short of actually piercing the coper water line but over the years corroded enough to make a tiny pinhole which of course, sprung a leak last week. Honestly? Whatever!! I am writing about HAPPY things...LIKE MY NEW WATER BARREL!! It is a recycled soy sauce barrel that we got from the Matthai Plant Sale Friday. I love it!! We also started getting some plants (about 1/1000th of what we are gonna need!!) in the meadow. We got four kinds of native grass and coreopsis and Joe Pye weed. Back in the garden the lettuce appeared this morning and the transplanted herbs from Wallace are doing GREAT!

The land is showing me where we have a few tulip bulbs here and there. The peonies are up. The sedum is doing great. I don't think the one big rose bush made the winter uprooting the furnace caused. It is looking pretty doomed. BUT HAPPY THOUGHTS--I have SEVEN LILAC TREES and they are all healthy and getting ready to pop.

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