Wednesday, May 21, 2008

riffing on new material

May 20
The Opera House

He was hilarious! and Those denim clad legs!! my god! *sigh* Seriously what ws the most important thing? What did he wear??
Cowboy boots, skin tight jeans a red gingham shirt and tuxedo tails. I had hoped for more swish, but I'm not bitchin!

I dunno about a month ago Pete lifts up the Sunday NYT to show me the full page ad. I was sad because lately, the more excited I am about a trip or event the more likely it is to fall thru. I didn't even want to wish we cold see him live. THEN a couple weeks later during Scrabble Richard calls to say "guess what??" I eep-ed for about an hour! MAJOR EEPAGE!! I may have even Squealed! So what started out as dinner and a date with the old BFF(s) ended up cursing multiple municipalities and their systems of good citizenship. Timmy got stuck with jury duty in Ingham county and that pushed the envelope of time right to the very edge. I think we ended up with plan "D". THEN Petey got a hand slap for the taillights on the truck being out-BUT we made it! and ta da! R. had gotten box seats!! SWEEEET. After the prerequisite Abraham Lincoln jokes we settled in for a grand evening. The theme for the evening was ironically enough--civilization. Lots of language gags including two Roman soldiers trying to have a "alarum" type conversation wherein they had to communicate danger. I about wet myself. It was great fun. I heart the Izman. Thanks guys it was awesome!!

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