Thursday, June 5, 2008

evil chipmunks and 60 lb kittens

YAY the Wings won!! And Hank got the Conn Smythe how cool is that?? Pete wants to go to the parade! Personally, I think it is gonna be a little hot-- but what the hell--the kids both have half days so off we go!!

In the mean time there has been an incident in the garden. Somebody ate an entire head of lettuce right down to the stub!! I suspect a chipmunk. They were seeming particularly frisky yesterday. I think it is time to make the chicken wire lid that Mel Barthlemew reccommends in his book Square Foot Gardening Speaking of Sq Ft Gardening-- Emily and Amanda stopped by last night under the misguided advice that Scrabble was LAST night. But it was cool because Amanda is the Queen of Growing Hope and she complimented me on how good the garden looks! I felt quite proud despite...well--let's just say she inspired me to weed a lot this morning. We have had two days of rainy cool weather and I kinda ignored the weeding. But their visit was totally cool! She is a hero in my book and it meant a lot to get her approval.

Luna has taken it upon herself to guard against any future invasions. Speaking of Luna, imagine if you can a 60 lb kitten. She is so goofy and playful and curious. Example? I was rolling about 75 feet of hose back up and she was pouncing on it like a kitten on a ball of yarn. By the time the sprayer got up by the cart she was so thoroughly tangled in hose that she looked like she had been attacked by a boa constrictor.
Click here for other shots of gardeny things.The broccolli is doing great, as you can see here. This rampart growth is despite a brief intrusion of slug nibblers. A handful of diatomacteous earth shooed them away. I also re arranged the green beans cuz they were getting crowded and they haven't even bloomed yet.

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Deborah said...

Garden looks great ! Love the raised boxes....wanted to try them for years, but alas , not forth coming. Keep up the good work. I actually found the Iris bed I planted we moved out here. Got the trees out of that and I can actually weed it little by little.