Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Peepers

I feel like a fangirl but one can't help but squeal...OM MY GAWD!!! they are sooooo cuuuuuute!! Brooke wanted to put hats and aprons on them. I said NO. Sarah wanted to name one..NOPE. Come January when I have to hike out to the barn in the cold...they will be *my* stinky chickens and they are named names *I* want to call them and animals don't wear clothes. That is why they are animals! (admittedly Jarvis does have a LGD (little gay dog) sweater but that is cuz he has no hair on his tummy!)

So to recap--we have three Buff Orphingtons:
the bellwether...Lady Macbeth or Miss bossy pants,
Juliet (the littlest) who has no tail feathers yet and Zoli insists upon calling Foodiette cuz she sits in the food dish; last but not least-- Gertrude who WAS highly interchangeable with Desdemona (who is now Deadamona as Jarvis could not control his baser instincts and sorta chomped her. It was a moment.) But Gertrude is now very distinct in her yellow fluffiness as she is the middle size. And Deadamona is buried in the woods. We should prly have named them LG, MED & SM--but that isn't very original.

It is very difficult to tell them apart, especially when they are asleep (60% of the time). Their feet are differently shaded and they have their "chickenalities" (Zoli insists they do NOT have PERSONalities) which are distinct but other than that --they are little peeping, pooping fluff balls that are completely indiscernible from one another. They eat 24-7. They know Morse code. When they drink it is so cute. And they do chicken yoga!!

They have three new poses to teach me. The Sleeping on head pose. Which is an extreme forward bend so that the top of your head is flat on the ground. Then you nap for 45 seconds. They also have the stretch your leg behind you which is a sort of a kinetic Mountain/Tree Pose and their third nouveau asana is the drinking stretch which I shall practise more fully with a martini. You take a tiny sip then tilt your head back and swallow while shaking your beak. Something tells me it isn't gonna be the featured pose in Yoga Journal next month!

We finished the run & coop yesterday (ah the irony..all that work and they are too little stay out there!) and then the kids and I zipped out to Belleville and picked them up. They were $2.50 each. I wanted to get month olds ($3) who are more capable of pecking a dog on the nose AND not freezing to death, OUTSIDE IN THEIR RUN!! but nooooo Isabel wanted little fluff balls so last night I was a little stressy thinking if the low got down to 68F and they are sposed to maintain 80F--yeah the chickens are in the house...sigh. They grow fast. By the time Fina & Brandi get here they should look like chickens.

I hope.


reticulatedmama said...

i wanna come visit you and you chickens!!!!

Daye said...

nobody is stopping you--what do you need an engraved invitation??

I have your lip balm

Deborah said...

They'll be big if Jarvis doesn't eat them ! We are trying to figuer out a trip down.

biscodo said...

So I was thinking... you have any aspirations for mammalian additions? You've got the mineral, the vegetable, and now the animal, but maybe another mammal? I was thinking sheep.

Rabbits are cute, but not very useful, and would probably mangle the gardens (if the puppies didn't get the rabbits first).

Goats would be pretty awesome, but they eat a lot, and would probably mangle the garden too. BUT, you'd have goat's milk, and could use the goats to keep the lawn mowed (just put 'em out on a stake and move the stake every now and then).

But I think sheep would be the best:
- lawn management like goats, but less aggressive
- wool that would be begging for something to be done with it.
- racks of mutton for SCA events if some of them are misbehaving sheep and capital punishment is merited.
- you've already got a shepherd (of the Teutonic variety).
- lambs are sooo f-ing cute.
- TONS of sheep jokes. (who doesn't like a sheep joke every now and then?)

Daye said...

miniature nubian goat--AFTER the bees..Bees next.