Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pet condo

We have R&C's as yet non existent puppy's crate stacked on top of Luna's crate, which is next to Jarvis' crate--so we have the pet condo. The chicks get the penthouse. Rollo was concerned because whenever we said "crate" Luna would fold herself origami style into Jarvis' crate. We thought it was funny. Every time! She is such a good dog.I Could never get the camera fast enough tho! So Friday night Rollo scooted back to their house got their unused crate and now everybody has place if we step out of the yard. Most importantly Jarvis can't get to the chicks. They do seem quite interested in tempting him by sticking their heads out through the bars. Gosh I'll be glad when they are big enough to sass back.

in other news--
Scrabble is here today. We have ramped up the weekly game by moving it to a permanent (for summer anyway) day and included potluck. This week is Korean. I am trying to find a Korean cocktail.

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