Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second night

The first night w/chicks was very quiet, as they were very sleepy after spending the day outside. BUT last night they were full of piss and vinegar and Lady Mac kept trying to squeeze through the bars of the dog crate. Their heads fit but their little booties get stuck. Can you just see me sitting on the floor by Luna's crate yelling "NO CHICKEN!! Stay in the crate!!" while hurriedly inserting sheets of cardboard between the crate walls...alternating between the menfolk (plus Evan) and their farting and laughing at SemiPro and then S. calling and trying to find Roaring Wastes Fight Practise--so I call Arianna cuz she will have Brannos' number and he for sure will know where Roaring Wastes Fight Practise is (she made it BTW--thanks Your rock) FINALLY about 11pm I could get back into my book. Which is awesome in an A.S. Byatt meets Amelia Peabody with a heavy dose of sonnets and Italian lemons

Hopefully they will grow enough today that we have different drama tonight. Did you know chickens are originally jungle birds? They like the HEAT--wasn't it just 90F?? where in the hell did the summer temps go? Chickens need to be OUTSIDE.

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