Monday, June 9, 2008

the skirt

Obviously this is not the world's best image, however it is prly more descriptive than me saying "booty bow"!
Saturday I started work on the Steampunk outfit for the Farewell Ball at Terminus (the HP Con in Chicago this August). The jacket was purchased and is a silver brocade. The skirt is Victorian (with a hem issue). I got four yards of dbl wide poly taffeta, from Haberman's FABRIC STORE in Royal Oak. It is 'color changing' or iridescent and is a dark chocolate purple. Melisant held a garb workshop in EMU's costume shop and she drew the design for me and she is coaching me through the construction. (Thank the goddess!) I need to get the mock up (a practice skirt made in MUCH cheaper fabric) done this week because I really want this puppy done before Fina and Brandy get here ( July 3!!!) So I should go find some muslin and get to work.

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