Monday, July 28, 2008

The Snaper & The Dark Knight

get it? Snape + Paper*=Snaper. Well *I* think it is amusing.

James' (& Harry's) patronus =white stag
Lily's patronus=white doe
Snape's patronus )=A WHITE DOE

La cerf blanc The origins of this creature are from the early Indo-European cultures, particularly the northern Celts and pre-Indo-European cultures. In old school Christian iconography, the unicorn is usually interpreted as a symbol for the Christ figure ie, the SAVIOUR! There is an easy identification between the white stag and the unicorn, and it can be reasonably argued that the white stag is the equivalent of the unicorn in these northern cultures, (beastie, four legs, white and horny--sounds valid to me!) Said peoples who do not record any unicorns. (snert--like anybody ever actually...yeah...okay)

The white stag of these Celtic myths is an indicator that the Otherworld is near. (oooh scary!) It also appears when a hero starts a quest; the white stag often appears in the forests around King Arthur's court, launching those boys off to adventure.
C. S. Lewis uses this device at both the beginning and end of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. And this dear one is where my argument (Snape= a good guy) begins, for you see along with every other questing hero; Snape is so bloody noble that his entire being his reason for living is CHIVALRIC LOVE!! He loves the Lily soooooo much that he ran a defensive subterfuge that ultimately saves the universe!! (Eat that Luke Skywalker!) Yay team chivalry!! How ironic that he is head of Slytherin when he is in fact the biggest Gryiffindor of all!

All of this came to a nice interconnection at the Showcase Cinema 20 Friday night. Finally saw THE DARK KNIGHT.

1.Lots of stuff blows up!!

2. Gary Oldman is so effing hot.
3.Heath Ledger (rip) is sooo much better then Jack as the Joker.
Ledger scared the CRAP outta me. Nicholson was too cute. He should have channeled more of the writer from THE SHINING and less Witches of Eastwick. But I digress--let's wrap this tangent back around to why Bruce Wayne is the biggest Gryffindor of all time and Snape and Batman have the same designer?? All that flowing black material. *sigh*, oh hush dear know my inner goth refuses to grow up. If a guy has teflon armor or just cloth covered buttons, it just doesn't matter, it is all a cover for a heart of gold. The anti-hero that's who grabs my attention. mmhmm--The social misfit. The lone samurai. The angsty poet.

The one who is really gonna have the power to defeat evil is the one sipping coffee in the corner, not the golden child running the meeting. The one who isn't afraid to get dirty doing the job. Snape, Strider, Saayid, Sawyer, Batman (Frank Miller NOT Bob Cane thank you veddy mush) those are some tempting morsels who when all is lost pull the hope from their back pocket and save the day.

And Snape and Bruce Wayne?

Self sacrificing chivalry at it's highest form. Fuck Lancelot and Guinevere. They were WEAK. They gave in. But not my Snape. He did what needed to be done. He snuck behind enemy lines and just like Batman--er Bruce Wayne--let the girl do what she thought best. When Rachel left that note with Alfred I was fairly screaming NOOOOOOOO!! HE LOVES you!!! (not really I hate audience members who yell at the screen). but seriously?! Couldn't she see the higher mission?? Man what a dipshit. Arwen waited!!
Lily shoulda waited...well ...true...she didn't have to really wait...but I believe she chose poorly. I would love to see a fanfic that was an early meeting of the OoP. One where Snape & James are trying to be Dumbledore's Army. Hmmmm.....
*(Brian quite reading THIS drivel and pick up Order of the Phoenix. Ya should have just took it last night!)

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Deborah said...

Wow ! That was something to chew on along with the coffee. I agree most diffently. Snape and James in Dumbledores' Army ....most intriging.