Friday, July 18, 2008

what did the daddy tomato say

to his young son who was lagging behind?? "C'mon son--KETCHUP!!"

Ha Ha Ha--


My ass is dragging. pics here

Ten days of Fargo peeps--a whirlwind adventure that included the 4th of July, six pints of strawberries and a wee lassie who I believe turns one year old today!! We went to Celtic Fest in Saline which was the start of this July-ish weather. HOT HOT and more HOT. But it was fun to get Trex in a kilt and very amusing to see how long he could creep behind Cynnabar w/out getting tagged. Even in mundanes that boy commands a presence. He made it about seven seconds before the fighters ID-ed him.

We had two days off and then Zaynab and Faillen arrived for art fair. We saw the new film MONGOL. AWESOME!! I do love having house guests who agree that we can make fuzzy hats! The braided chords were very intriguing. The trim and fasteners on these coats were gorgeous. Pete has a couple of sources on Japanese braids. I need him to make ties for the menus for the feast.*

But it has been soooo HOT, too hot for all the pretty coats (read: "we live in a Yurt"-- parka type coats) in that movie! In fact Izzy kinda melted yesterday. The last thing she needed was a furlined medieval mongol coat. with really long sleeves. BUT the boots! Did you see the boots?
God I love costuming.

Missed Ortho appointments and puppy's first vet trip, the never ending pile of laundry, frankly I just want to sleep!
Matt turned 22. That is alarming. I am old.

We have tickets for Krapp's Last Tape next week! which reminds me--I need a new planner. The last one only has about a week of pages left in it. I feel like if I don't have things written down I will forget them--it is an unsettling feeling to know things are gonna happen but just have them as "NOTES." I would also like to know my office number for Fall. Everything for class is pretty much ready to roll. Just a few more tidbits and it will all get uploaded.

Stuff for Terminus is all good. I refuse to stress about a seven minute presentation. The rest is all icing! Is it August yet?

* (Not a footnote--just proof of my disjointed idiocy)
The plans for Raito and Aesa's Coronation feast are progressing nicely. The menu is good. So many things are so easy, (and CHEAP!) It is gonna be FUN! Although It will soon be time to consider the mochi. I also want to make kitchen slave hats like Hauviette did. The feast is going to be delicious. The first two courses and the dessert are Japanese and then there is a second course that is more palatable to the "midwestern populace". I have said it before and I'll say it again. If you are going to buy a ticket for a medieval feast--don't expect a cheeseburger!! I hope they get little bowls.

In other news Gertrude is still doing fine. She ate a frog. I saw it. eww. (Did I tell you that already? sorry.)

The garden is doing what it is supposed to do--which is grow. A LOT! Next year all creeping things (squash, cukes and wallymelon) will all be accorded free rein OUT OF THE BOXES!! Sheesh. The whole vines climbing up the trellis thing is cute on paper but these plants do not understand that they only get THEIR square foot, not the square foot that is alloted to the peppers and the leeks or whatever neighboring veg they try to overtake. Poor Basil is fighting to creep out from under the tomato jungle. The lettuce finally seems to be calming down but is still producing nicely. Green beans are nummy and we are heading for our second harvest of them, the herbs are all rocking.

At the moment I am all good. I just need a little nap.


Lilim said...

Huh. There are two attractive men in kilts, in your kitchen. Lucky kitchen. ;P

Daye said...

KItchen?? Lucky ME!!! As much I adore events--It was fantastic having himself all to ourselves! No chiv meeting--not marshalling-- just downloading cartoons and sipping CRB's (Cool refreshing beverages). Did he tell you about the haggis toss?

Gwyneth said...

Hey - this weekend Seonaid, Duncan, Ian and I decided we want to do steampunk for your halloween party this year. You are having a halloween parth this year, right? Mind if we all crash?

Lilim said...

Haggis toss? Do I even want to know??? >.<