Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Be Packing

Henry VI Part 1, 4. 1
That is what I should be doing right now. I just don't want to iron my skirts. bleh. Must not be wrinkly when one is representing one's University.

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

So does that mean the lap top is coming with me?? Pete does have his iphone to play with. Yes. I think so. Still I should get soemthing to read on the train. Colbert recently interviewed Lucas Conley, the author of Obsessive Branding Disorder: that should be an interesting read as I walk into a conference for the biggest brand to hit the market in 15 years. snicker.

Tomorrow will be a repeat of something I have done much in the past. Taking the train to Chicago. That will be about as unique as going to the grocery store. There was a year when Pete was at North Western and Matty and I were doing grad school--that almost every weekend we took the Wolverine to see him. That got old fast. We fixed it. Pete is a smart boy.

I love traveling by train. It is my preferred method of transport. In fact I detest flying and who wants to drive when you can sit in the lounge car? mmmm lounge car....

From lounge car to lounge bar! The first thing on the agenda for TERMINUS this weekend is Snape's Wake. EEEPP!! fangirl mode!! (well grown up barfly fangirl mode!) The keynote speakers for the conference are Tamora Pierce (famous sci-fi grande dame) and Cheryl Klein. Klein is Arthur Levine's right hand. WHAT? You don't know who Art Levine is?? The publisher for the American Editions of the books. C'mon people!! I can't wait to meet both of them. Saturday is my panel discussion. My topic is Snape's patronus (white stag) and chivalric love. Sunday is the Farewall Ball for which I made the steampunk outfit, Monday there is a brunch then back on the train and I am back home by 2pm.

Fun for me!!

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