Wednesday, August 27, 2008

but their teeth!!!!

Back about a month ago Matthew was all excited about a goofy movie he had enjoyed called "Black Sheep." If nothing else it had New Zealand scenery so we added it to the ol' Netflix queue--well it was in the mailbox when we got home and last night we popped it in. The beginning drags, in fact I very nearly vetoed it as I was looking forward to watching Hillary at the DNC, but Zoli was so into the concept of zombie sheep that we hung on.

Oh dear, what a silly squishy mess!! Isabel, who can generally deal with "ewww" stuff pretty well, was not interested and blew it off completely. Pete was totally into it, of course he and Paul had had so much fun on You Tube "" popping zits that I wasn't surprised at his loud guffaws of disgust as we watched the grotesque blood and guts. This is the goriest movie I have ever seen. Never ending Intestines and clots--long strings of gore that seemed so WRONG!! we were laughing our asses off! Preparing Haggis has never been so beautifully filmed!! (NOT!) A slimy gooshy (startlingly good makeup) montage of blood and guts I have never seen.

But two things still bug me-- 1.) The satire and constant ribbing of crazy Greenie/PETA types kinda got on my nerves. At least I'm not a sheep farmer cuz then I would REALLY be offended! :)

and I couldn't help but be hypercritical (which I know is the wrong tactic to take with such a high caliber film) as I repeatedly noticed 2.) SHEEP DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT KIND OF TEETH!!! They just aren't carnivores!!

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