Monday, August 4, 2008


This photo is from Friday night; which was the closing gig for Izzy's two week mathlab. She was invited by The Dept. of Ed at U of M to participate as a guinea pig for student teachers. The program was co-sponsered by UC-Berkeley.

At first she was all-- "No. I hate math." THEN after much support and enthusiasm from all of her significant adults (from Tom to Roxy) she acquiesced with the caveat that if she survived the two weeks without tears ...she could get her ears pierced. WELL!! Not only did she survive, but after the first day she was like..."Does it go on the weekend? I like it!!" So on Friday she did get her ears pierced. Little April birthstone cubic zirconium studs.

Man! Has THAT procedure changed! I clearly remember when I was 13 the gun looked like an industrial stapler. It resembled nothing so much as a huge pneumatic nail gun. A silver plated hypodermic of doom. I was so scared I permanently creased the patent leather handle of my little purse. I had clutched it so tightly in my nervous anticipation. My mom had psyched me out by saying she had to "get daddy one more present" and on Christmas eve afternoon we went to the tiny pharmacy in my home town, where my great aunt was waiting to do the deed. She worked at the drugstore and snuck us in the back after hours.
I was already to buy myself some candy with MY money, or better yet get free treats from my beloved auntie, whilst Mom bought Daddy some old spice or some other boring crap, and it turns out that I was getting my ears pierced!! WOW WOW WOW!!

Izzy was just as excited and quite possibly more nervous then I had been that long ago day. She certainly had longer to prep for it! To fret and second guess, but no she did not hesitate. The second I picked her up from MathLab she was ready to roll.

We went to Claire's (all parents of little girls heads up-- it is pink plastic accessory HELL!!) at Briarwood Mall and made a beeline straight through Macy's to the boutique. She was very brave and got her ears pierced with a harmless looking little white box that didn't even make scary noises. I was jealous.

THIS is our first carrot from the garden. She chose carrots and she planted the Danver's Half Long seeds. The remarkable thing about these carrots, you may remember me gushing about how sweet and clean the broccoli tasted?--well the big diff twixt this carrot and any other grocery store carrot was the remarkable turgidity of the greens. They were like...erect. You could fence with them! But fencing...that would be a blog about Z!!


...S said...

you think claire's is bad? try libby's in plastic AND feathers AND a do it yourself GLITTER bar...I tell ya, memsie was in heah-yeh-ven!

sorry we missed you this weekend :(

Lilim said...

Claire's, eh? *shudder* I'm glad my mom convinced me to let her numb my ears with frozen steaks and just shove a sterilized needle through 'em, when I was six. Much less emotionally damaging to me than all that pink and glitter would've been, I'm sure! Congrats to the little one on her new adornments, and her love of math! She's got more guts than I, methinks. ;)

Deborah said...

Go Izzy ! Yikes, Claires.... I almost preferr doing it myself, actually I did. They were self piercing hoops. Actually the only complaint I had was everyday you had to squeeze them a little harder.
You think that sounds horrible ? When my dad was stationed in Boston, my Mom went out to stay for awhile. While there a friend pierced her little girls' ears. She used a needle and black sewing thread !! Can you imagine walking around like that.... and then the infection started.....I won't go there !