Friday, August 1, 2008

One year anniversary of "Belly Acres"

It has been one year since we moved in. We met the neighbors and they seem pretty cool! That spring day will go down in history as the craziest five minutes of the year. No fictional embellishments here dear one; Just the facts of what occurred in five minutes:
Zoli barfed. A tree broke and the storm window sucked off the front of the house while the new neighbors knocked on the door!! Our neighbors are a bit of alright. They have a great pool! Our kids are the same age! Meredith & Izzy get along great & the two 13 year old boys are friendly but prefer very different activities.

We have not yet sold the Wallace house. BUT we have accomplished some amazing things. (including admitting defeat with Bree.) Most of which were recounted in previous entries of this blog. Check the archive if you want. A quickie list (I again want to thank Garth for the time he spent with us. He is a grand friend and a good man.)

Roof--wow. That was a thing wasn't it!
Removed the “Nantucket Effect” from the master bath & painted
Geothermal Furnace & Air
-new electricity (including change every damn light bulb in the house over the space of first three weeks)
Removed wierd Sink from d. room
Bathroom X2
-ant wall
-frozen pipe--which ultimately led to
+ New upstairs toilet
- Insulated tool shed
Decorative garden fence repairs X4
Bookcases (time for more of those already!)
Painted library
New well pump
Garbage outta the woods
Id-ed most plants/trees
Removed one dead tree (several more to go!)
Appliances (master bath ceiling fan)
Switched the colors in d. room
Front window=Andersen renewal (patio door in progress)
Chimney check/cleaned (gotta do that again pronto)
made a game room in basement (The ZoliCave)

Barnstairs & people door
(but we have since broken the big door opener-uh oh!)

Plans before snowfly:
Paint house & garage (eep!)
New carpet upstairs
Rug in library
(& if we win the lottery=belle époque sofa & scrabble table in library??)

Like This but purple, or cobalt or red.

It feels like we have lived here forever. The list of things to do seems too long. But I wouldn't go back at all. We can breathe here. The kitchen is definitely a tall left handed guy kitchen and I am a short right handed chick--but, the double Viking ovens count for a lot and I can be patient. I just wish somebody would love the Wallace house. It makes me sad that it just sits there.

But let's not quibble about who killed who--I love my big purple farmhouse, and my chicken and my doggies and I love my boy for working so hard that we can do this. He rocks.


Gwyneth said...

Yay! For all of the above.

Deborah said...

I agree with Gwyneth! I will comment here on all of the new blogs....go girl !
Been in my house 9 yrs in December, still need a front door, 3 rooms upstairs decorated, window frames that match original in parlor... bought a shock collar for Fred ! My garden totally sucks.

reticulatedmama said...

yay! cheers to a year!