Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Post Terminus

I want to begin by pointing out that hanging out with people from Pepperdine and Smith, from Pace and Illinois State, from Haaaaavard and Princeton has done a lot to assuage my worries that JKR's canon was not being taken seriously in the academic world. I feel reassured when names like Showalter, Graff and Fisk are cited. It makes my heart sing to meet secondary teachers who use the books in their classes. I like talking to doctoral candidates who are writing their dissertations on Snape; yes, yes I do.

and now that the coffee is kicking in I need to point out the striking similarities between the SCA and this past weekend. Fighting =Quidditch --both have some amazing athletes. A&S=The room of requirement--I wish I could produce actual art. Original music is represented by lyric poets and skilled musicians; Bardic circle in the park anybody?
The Pelicans of the SCA are "Knight Bus conductors" silly deceptive titles for people who organize the structure of the event and be sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. The events couldn't happen without their quiet dedication.

The combination of scholarly and artistic endeavors coupled with adrenaline and wonderment. The brilliant costumes are literally only the surface. The vibrant intellectual discourse centered on a subject that is so dear to me, the interplay between the personal and community...enjoying beloved author Tamora Pierce say at breakfast that "cute makes me want to smack it." This environment was a happy place.tap here

Respected editors and talented writers, eager students (truly one of my favorite things) nationally known publishers and new friends; all combined into a happy melange that reminded me of nothing more than my first SCA event.
The swirl of energy and unadorned surprise that a whole world, an utopian universe truly exists despite the mundane reality of Monday.

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