Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A ferry tale

The Northshield Coronation of Kitadate-denka & Aesa was beautiful.

With it's medieval Japanese feast behind me I now look at the remaining items on the To-Do List.

and I can't...I am just too whipped.

Not from the feast which was an adrenal rush all it own..."ya sure you betcha!"--But really because of the journey. We shortened our time at the post revs ( it does seem impossible to have 'just one drink' w/Thomas) & we entirely skipped the breakfast plans in order to be in time for the Sunday return (6pm) ferry in Milwaukee, but alas--despite failing to dissuade us on the first leg of our round trip tickets--(five foot waves may be nothing on the Ocean but on Lake Michigan they are deceptively tippy.) In fact, at one point no sooner did I snatch my pen as it rolled off the table to the right then I set it down and it immediately rolled off the table to the left. If you glanced out the down side windows you could see the waves splashing against the window if you quickly glance to the other side view there was nuthin but sky. Hurricane Ike decided to wreck his vengeance. Not only did "they" cancel the return Ferry trip BUT the highway by Chicago was washed out. Our trip continued to grow by hours--sadly ironic considering how quickly we abandoned our friends in order to be prompt. Thus our glee when Gwenyth, John, Ian & Siri all agreed to have dinner with us. We could slow down now because our schedule was our own. Where we had planned on being home by midnight--our heads hitting the pillows was actually more like 3:30a.m. Then we got Z to school at 7:55 and I gave my students their quizzes. Oi.

Now some of my dear readers maybe familiar with my newfound penchant for motion sickness, these readers could exclaim--"Oh Daye, you poor thing, weren't you all squiffy--riding in a car watching all those towering pine trees zoom by?" Happily I have embraced Dramamine and once I got over my pill popping that wasn't such a problem--it is a beautiful country, mature forest, rolling farms and some of the biggest cows I have ever seen. Yet this moring I am still slightly "woogy", the scenic beauty of Wisconsin and Minnesota is not antidote to wobbly brain.

My brain doesn't seem to want to keep up with my eyeballs. Lightheaded doesn't sum it up. Very odd and discombobulating.

But back to the routine--I have to grade all those papers my pen was so diligently trying to avoid--the ones about fairy tales and hero's journeys. At least my princess is now a queen!!

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Chrysta the Cursed said...

I was SO gald to see you at Coronation! Sorry to hear aboutr the motion sickness, tho.--Maddy