Monday, October 13, 2008

meade idea

Carol & I went to Makielsi's Berry Farm last Friday. It is about a mile from the house. We had beautiful weather and Zander was just the most charming little 3.5 year old pooper. He was busy for a good hour just stuffing his face full of berries. It was fun to watch him. It reminded me of all the times I took my kids (who are now faaaaar too cool to go pick berries with mom) and when they got bored (or stuffed) told them to find rocks for me. Zander dutifully found four rocks and moved them around the patch with us. I remember one time I tried this distraction trick w/ Zoli and he ended up lobbing an egg sized rock at an old guy who was picking strawberries several rows over. WHOOPS!! Happily Zanny did NOT throw the stones he just toted them around. It was so sunny and pleasant, the morning had that sparkling blue sky with crisp sunshine that just makes every leaf glow and every cloud a fluffy white contrast of eye candy.

So in about two hours I got a little over six quarts. The Makielski's also sell honey...guess what I'm a gonna make???

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