Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October the first

WHAT HAPPENED?? Wasn't it just August?

I am not even sure where to start, the garden? yeah--let's start there. I have made a connection between not only my need to do some yoga but also my need to futz in the garden. The season is shifting and the less I garden the grumpier I am. Don't get me wrong I love teaching--but the garden doesn't seem like "work". It makes me happy to be outside. Example of happy? It cracks me up no end that Luna will bring me a tennis ball and drop it beside me (where I am unlikely to notice it--what with my head buried in tomato plants or basil) and she will wait till I realize she has deposited the drippy green sphere--which I then absent-mindly lob off into the woods and i get to watch her run. She is a beautiful dog. That is far more pleasurable then defending the wording of an item on a quiz (which 85% of the class understood but these particular students decided to read carelessly so it is MY fault they filled in the wrong bubble. (Ummm. NO.) Or stuck in my little concrete cell of an office--maybe not cell--how about oven? Gack--too stuffy. No window... I may be developing claustrophobia in there!

But the garden--my pretty green is rapidly becoming my half dead and dried up space. Many leaves are turning black and I am sure that tonight will be the clincher--s'posed to get down to 40F tonight. Now I realize my Northshield peeps will be shaking their heads at my whining about 40--when in fact a month ago they had a hard freeze in Minnesota, but my knees are telling me Fall is upon us.

Depress the clutch and shift into third...straight drive to icy sidewalks!

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