Friday, October 3, 2008 carefully

In the last few days I have experienced a lot of "knee jerk reactions". (Can you hear my dad's voice? I can.)

I have, of course-- been interacting with my fellow humans. I am watching their responses to stimuli. It scares me. For students. SOME of them are in such a rush to get out the door that they hurry through everything--they read quickly--thus skipping vital plot points. They scan the quiz questions and hurriedly fill in any answer, but are surprised that they don't score well.

Or the cable guy who came out to finish a job that someone didn't do correctly the first time...(Again I hear my daddy's mantra.."Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it twice.") The cable guy was Grumpy and Pissy and stompin' around because I don't want a tangled spaghetti mess of wires hanging off the side of my pretty purple house. And it isn't just the co-axial cable aspect of COMCAST (tm) that is being convoluted and dumb. Their phone menu is knitted in a Fair-isle pattern and they don't deal well with problem outside of their FAQ's.

Back a while ago the broccoli tree fell on Jim's garage. The cable running from the pole to the Wallace house became disconnected. So in response to Pete's request for repair the company came out to the Crane rd house and put little flags in the yard!! Somebody read the work order--but didn't actually THINK before they responded...

...sorta like the MichCon (tm) crew who came out to install THE METER for the gasline--with the giant tractor of trenchline-y ness; when in fact that had been done last Fall. Again some dispatcher decided to be "efficient" (w/out actually reading the whole file) and sent out unnecessary crew, equipment and created MORE paperwork. Really we just need the meter! The propane is almost gone! I just want my stove connected to my gasline! Pretty simple actually..if you read carefully.

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Anonymous said...

Other than life sucks , and there really are "Dumb " people in the world....what can I say but " Welcome " to the real world ?