Sunday, November 2, 2008


HOLY CRAP what a cluster F@#!

1-75 by 16 mile is NUTS!!! I hate traffic. By the time we got home from a "quick run" to Macy's to get a rug it was three hours later than we expected. We were both like NO MORE CAR!!! So we vetoed going to Kate & Vickie's party in Kzoo. We suck. I was especially sad when I got Tinn's phone message. He made it sound like he was going to go. So no Jay & Silent Bob this year.This sadness was pushing toward cranky despite Harold's being the most awesome rug salesman in the world. We got a great deal on a rug (75% off!!) No lunch (on purpose cuz I was saving calories for party treats that night) But...Then we got lost by Gorman's furniture store and went up and down the same road three times-- but we did finally start designing from this base to create our very own unique special one of a kind settee for the library. It should be here in 3-10 weeks. So good karma for the library bad karma for the social life.

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