Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mrs. Dalloway does Ypsi

One of my favorite Virginia Woolf pieces is Mrs. Dalloway. I think I have mentioned this before...anywho--Tuesday morning in the rain that should have been snow I did some Hollydaze shopping and frankly, somebody should have taken my picture (with all my colorful shopping bags) and used it for a PR poster promoting buying local. After parking for free in the city lot; I stopped into VGkids and placed an order for Isabel (heads up fans!! Monday Monkey is on his way!!) and then once the precious orginal art was safely to it's place of reproduction HERE, I toddled down to see Paul at The Rocket my favorite place to drop $50 holiday dollars--seriously, if we are having a party-- I get stuff from Paul. He has the best stuff: from theme candies to pinatas to smutty beer coasters, so the stocking stuffers were acquired and I moved back into the dreary gray rain. Now with my bright green Shakespeare umbrella and my little black VGkids bag (proudly sporting their logo!) I added bright red bag of treats from The Rocket, then I peered in the window of Look in The Attic and decided other people should shop there (FOR ME!!!) --then for the first time since they opened I perused the wares of Simply DeVine. It was no Henrietta Fahrenheit that was for sure, same space but VERY different goods to purchase. And purchase I did!! The girl working the counter was really sweet and we giggled and talked and I joined their email list. I saw some great gifty ideas and purchased some awesome reusable gift boxes. The customer service was Excellent and I ended up with another bag of consumer goods-- this one white and sprouting beautiful green tissue protecting my purchases. As I walked back to the car I caught a glimpse, in the reflective window of an interesting new art studio, of me with my umbrella & festive cheerful bags--seriously... I looked picturesque.

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