Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A proper snowfall

seems to have caused much mayhem in the animal residents of BellyAcres. Luna is completely addicted to wrestling in the snow. Despite Jarvis' best attempts to ignore her she insists upon hourly romps. She absolutely luxuriates in the stuff. Meanwhile Jarvis much prefers to sit on the back of the loveseat and stare out the window watching the birds at the feeder. Of course I understand, if snow clung to the fur on my legs forming little balls of ice I would stay inside too! He needs a new tummy protection device (LGD sweater).

Speaking of birds--Gertrude seems immune to the temperature drop...well not completely immune, she is definitely in LO-Power. I clearly remember a day in late fall that the temp got down into the 30s and she sort of flew into the side of the house. That was my first real indicator that her cognitive abilities are directly linked to the outside temps. We got her a lizard heating rock which she avoids; at least when we are looking and she has yet to poop on it. But she is totally "chill" (get it?) she just fluffs up her feathers and eats her mealworms. No worries. And when you clean the coop she kinda purrs... instead of Ba-Racking. But she is bright eyed and cheerful. She still hasn't laid an egg, supposedly "production" drops off in the winter. She seems to like Kale.

Frank is clueless. It is a happy damp 70F in his world and he likes it that way.

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