Monday, January 12, 2009

Houston--we have icicles

BIG SCARY ICICLES!! Meaty manly icebergs. Icy stalagtites of dooooom. My poor gutters. Some of the worst are right outside the bathroom window. So I can scowl at them until I get so cranky that I open the previously winter proofed & gummy goo sealed window, remove the screen and whack at the chunks with an ax. The first time I had help. Pete and Matt were home and we took turns and cleared the entire area. The window bit and the bit that was causing the problem. That would be the section of roof where the skylights allow tons of heat to escape. Stupid skylights. I really dislike those skylights. When there is a full moon you can read by the reflecting glare. And they are cold. Plus, one of the motors has died so even IF it were 80F (ha ha ha --ROFLMAO--can't breathe...pant pant) sorry, lemme catch my breath--okay--so, even if it WERE warm out--we can only open one. At least not till we swap out the dead motor. Stoopid skylights-- I am sure they are heat sinks--because there is no attic in that area to be "poorly ventilated" (as all the ice dam web pages note). If they break my house I am gonna be CRABBY.

So there I was today, leaning out the bathroom window and wailing--wait is the term I want "whaling"? anyway I am sure the suburbanites were laughing as I smacked about 40lbs of ice from my poor old gutters. That's me entertaining the masses. I did not attempt the danger zone up around the peak--but lemme tell ya, we are soooo getting those wire heaty things. sigh.

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