Thursday, January 29, 2009

I used to watch General Hospital---

Well, well, well now--last night's episode JUGHEAD was quite the trip.

A. NO JACK!! Wooot!
B. SURPRISE!! Des & Penny had a baby and they named it Charlie--after Widmore or the rockhobbit?? (BTW I suddenly have a severe distrust of Penny).
C. My biggest question is still WHAT is the smoke monster? But I am beginning to really wonder who are the GOOD guys?

I really like Richard Alpert (and not just cuz he rocks the kohl) and I like his character even more now that it is 1954 and he is gonna turn down John Locke in about ten years--that is a chewy bite isn't it? See--look; John (who recently got the compass FROM Alpert) gave the compass to Alpert so that John could NOT choose it --thus failing the test to become leader of the Others (see episode titled Cabin Fever)...well-- he is "not quite ready."


Widmore?? Is he good or evil? When do we get to read the Black Rock's logbook? How about Ben? His alignment will be the opposite of Widmore. Who according to last night is an original Other. He lived in "Old Otherton" afterall. I think I trust Frank. I definitely ride with Team Faraday, especially if he keeps Charlotte from imploding (which despite her preview line of "This place is DEATH!"--I predict Red is not gonna make it to the end of the series--that is why Daniel was crying when he watched the news footage of the "found" crash site. He should have kept her at a time prior to her rapid fire jumping to the island. The writers are implying that we lost Eloise/rat because of too much successive jumping. It doesn't seem to affect Dan or Miles though....

I am curious what is gonna happen if Miles ever gets to Jacob's cabin--BTW Miles is a good guy. Neutral Chaotic does not equal Evil.

Actually, let's think about Miles here for a minute. He can talk to ghosts--he can convince them to change their behaviour...can he calm Jacob's ass down? I was just discussing w/my fellow Lostie (actually it was Carol who started this whole obsession) and we were trying to pin down who was actually dead. (I know...define dead) Claire is a conundrum, but she is w/Christian whom we know is dead, Charlie is dead-- but he talks to Hurley...Claire talks to Kate? Does that make HER dead? (I wish Kate would die--she might be interesting then)--who else is dead? Mr. Eko--but he plays chess w/Hurley...(Why do all these dead folk talk to poor Hurley? ANSWER: I think HE is s'posed to lead the Others) Is Patchy dead? Does Time travel count as Dead? Then are Milkowski and Theresa (the new coma babe) DEAD?? Her sister sure doesn't think so. Ana-Lucia is dead...BUT SHE TALKED TO HURLEY!!! (Ethan and Godwin don't count--neither do Danny & Mr. Friendly) Alex is dead, so is HotCarl and Danielle (sniff). Nikki & Paulo don't count unless we have a zombie episode...been kinda waiting for that. Is Michael dead (fingers crossed) Walt's not dead--but he talked to Hugo. Don't ya love weak logic? How about Jin...if dead peeps talk to Hurley then Jin should have said something to comfort Sun. Based on nothing but Sun's gravesite visit --I predict Jin's death is ONLY part of Jack's lie. Sun will get her boy back. (Damn I LOVE HER!)

PS--I am still chuckling over "Libby sez Hi."

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Carol said...

Sniff - I miss Libby!

Richart Alpert - if you look up the actor, Nestor Carbonell - I think he was born with the kohl.

I wonder how much Ben and Widmore really diverge. While "Who's good?" is still up in the air, it's going to take some fancy writing to make either of those two come up smelling like roses.

Ooh, I just noticed that Lost-Vivor is back in action. Whew.