Monday, January 26, 2009

next weekend we don't leave the house--

The last week (month?) went by so damn fast.I taught class,we got a new president and LOST came back-- I blinked and it was Friday again--except this week instead of getting Gretchen & Chris married-- Ray turned 81. We went to Paesano's for dinner and he got Spumoni for dessert. He cracks me up. We spent most of the meal debating which comic strip was the best ever.

On Saturday Zoli had fencing (he is getting his own gear for his b-day) and Pete zipped in to Sparrow Meats & picked up the Haggis for Burns Night (see Facebook for pictures). The Haggis was definitely edible and surprisingly tasty! Next year I will make it from scratch and it will be a bit spicier. Maybe garlic. We shared a bottle of scotchy scotch (Ardbeg) w/our crazy friends and *I* was warm enough to not notice the below zero windchill when we went outside--tho Petey claims his kilt is quite warm; I noticed he was walking fast!

Moniack Mead, Highland Wineries, Moniack Castle, Inverness, Alc 14.6%, 75cl, £6.99

On Sunday the caterpiller ate through three bowls of soup and one delicious glass of Heather meade (from Scotland no less). It is called Moniak after the Inverness castle where it is brewed. click here Andy.
Carol and Rollo were so funny--eagerly waiting for us to taste this necter--but what was even funnier were all the stories Lori/Brian (aka Philippe & Simone) told us about how they became part of the Moniak Army. Apparently we now need to get to Windsor (Briar-- help???) and stock pile this precious beverage as they no longer import it to the states. It was smooth and delicious. Faintly whiskey, faintly honey, warm and brandy-ish. It very well maybe my new fave liquor. If I had to choose between a glass of Goose or a glass of Moniak---well it would be the heather meade. It is perfect.
Kinda wish I had a glass right now.

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