Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat. morning baby Yoga

well. After having done yoga for almost ten years-- today I had a little moment of braggadocio. I attended a class at the new place and was so far ahead of the class it wasn't even funny. I guess I have to admit I am no longer a beginner. It was soooo easy. so..watered down. so...lame. And I am sorry substitute yogateacher--that series was NOT Sun Salutation. Admittedly I did have an epic failure when she got to Shoulder Stand. NOT my favorite asana and not one I do regularly. Okay--not one I have done in about three years. I sorta went all the way over into Plow and then kinda flopped over rather unceremoniously. not pretty. But the other 99% of class I was beyond confident.

My confidence matched the loveliness of the studio. Hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows. One thing that was odd was the OM plaques every five feet. I am positive it was designed for ease of "spotting" (focusing on a spot to help you keep ones balance) but it struck me that if this were a temple or chapel of some other sort-- that those spaces would not have been decorated with crucifixes or Stars of David every five feet. It seemed disrepectful.

On Thursday I had a similar epiphany to today's class--the awesome girl (Laura? yes her name was Laura) showing me the circuit training machines said I was strong. I don't feel strong. I feel gimpy and fat. I know what it is to be strong and this ain't it. But we mustn't argue with the staff. I was very happy to find my gloves in the lost and found. They came up missing Thursday evening and I forgot to ask on Friday but there they were today..My toasty purple leather driving gloves. YAY!


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